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1. milking the cow
2. down the stairs
3. heard him growl
4. at the town hall
5. pulling the plow
6. likes to browse
7. a wise old owl
8. a prowl car
9. through the crowd
10. How did they?
11. will leave right now
12. see the clowns
13. a scowling face
14. made a vow
15. wore a crown
16. were shopping
17. heard the cowbell
18. a good rubdown
19. waiting for the snowplow
20. the town clerk
21. heard an owl
22. now is the time
23. the howling wind
24. his father's plow
25. clowning around
26. must slow down
27. a gown for the dance
28. in every town
29. the brown cow
30. the crown prince
31. Howdy!
32. the pretty flowers
33. five vowels
34. used the paper towels
35. the prowling cats
36. such a frown
37. clean up the powder
38. will do it anyhow
39. sailing downstream
40. her mother's nightgown
41. turn the power off
42. were sliding downhill
43. a drowned rat
44. plowed the field
45. start right now
46. stay with the crowd
47. Mr. Brown's cow
48. Tell me how.
49. jumping up and down
50. the hooting owl
51. all through the town
52. prowling in the dark
53. took a vow
54. drowning in the lake
55. plowing through the snow
56. watching the clowns
57. the growling dog
58. is frowning at her
59. come before
60. a room downstairs
61. hung the cowbell
62. a super power hero
63. picked the flower
64. It was crowded.
65. were not allowed
66. a tumbledown shack
67. browse in the library
68. home by now
69. growled at us
70. washed the gowns
71. plucked my eyebrows
72. looked at the crowd
73. crowned the king
74. How did you do that?
75. name the vowels
76. a wrinkled brow
77. the brown cow
78. had a scowl on his face