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oriens, orientis, m.
the rising sun, dawn, the east
gradus, us, m.
step, phase, stage
ius, iuris, n.
law, legal authority, right
coeo, coire, coii, coitus
to come together, meet, marry
aequus, a, um
level, even, equal
mens, mentis, f.
the mind
tego, tegere, texi, tectus
to cover, to hide, conceal
aestuo, are, avi, atus
to burn fiercely, to burn with desire
paries, parietis, m.
vitium, i, n.
defect, flaw
tutus, a, um
safe, secure
ingratus, a, um
ungrateful, thankless
fateor, fateri, fassus sum
to admit, confess
amicus, a, um
friendly, loving
auris, auris, f.
the ear
sedes, sedis, f.
seat, place