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What is a file organisation?
a method of arranging the records in a file when the file is stored on disk
Indexing is a technique that can...
help when we have to access a collection of records in multiple ways. It is used to speed up access to desired data.
A page is the ...
unit of information read from or written to disk.
Buffer manager is ...
a layer of software that reads data into memory for processing, and write to disk for persistent storage. Buffer manager fetches the page needed by file layer for processing. The page's rid must be specified.
File of records supports scans. A scan ...
operation allows us to step through all the records in the file one at a time.
A disk space manager manages ...
space on disk. Disk space manager allocates additional disk page for the file layer that needs additional space to hold new records in a file.
The disk space manager keeps track of ...
the pages in use by the file layer; if a page is freed by the file layer, the disk space manager tracks this, and reuses the space if the file layer requests a new page later on.
File layer(files and access methods layer) stores the records n a file in a ...
collection of disk pages. Tracks pages allocated to each file. It also tracks available spaces within pages allocated to the file.
Searh keys-
attribute to set of attributes used to look up records in a file.