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What was Emily's trick to make a bed with the patient still in it?
Make it one half at a time.
In what country did Emily live with her parents?
Why did Emily like to wear scarves on her head?
To cover her blond hair
What were Emily's head scarves called?
What did Uncle Matt leave Emily on the kitchen counter?
Peanut Butter
What religion do most of the Indonesian people practice?
It was the Islamic month of _____when Emily and hundreds of people waited to get on the ferry.
To what island was Emily running away to?
On what island did Emily live?
What is Emily's hometown in the United States?
What organization does Emily's parents work for?
World Physicians for Children
What finger do Indonesian people use as a pointer?
Name the body of water where the ferry sank.
Andaman Sea
What were the names of the couple that Emily meet on the ferry?
Catherine and Richard
What country were the couple from that Emily met on the ferry?
Great Britain, Britain or England
What language did the Indonesian people on the ferry speak?
Bahasa Indonesia
What did Emily use to make a float?
Her leggings or tights
What piece of clothing did Emily remove from the woman who was drowning and almost drowned Emily, also.
What was the first thing Emily noticed when she got to Banda Aceh two years earlier?
The heat--how hot it was all the time
What treasure from her father did Emily drop through the water that cut into her arm?
What movie did Emily reminisce about while alone in the sea?
It's a Wonderful Life
Isman was scared of E mily at first when in the sea--what did he think she wanted?
His life vest or Floatie
What did Emily teach Isman right after they met?
To swim
What animal did Isman's neck remind Emily of?
What edible item did Emily find bobbing in the water?
When the sun began to come up, what was the strong current called that Emily and Isman got caught up in?
What did the man in the yellow shirt floating with a vest and a cushion give to Isman?
candy or chocolate bar
Why is Isman not supposed to eat anything during daylight?
Ramadan or his religious holidays
The island Emily and Isman swam toward was jagged and harsh, it looked like the tip of a what?
What structure was on the first small island that Isman and Emily swam toward?
Lighthouse tower
Who were on the first small island that Emily and Isman swam toward?
Richard and Catherine
What did Richard, the man on the first small jagged island, throw to Emily?
rope with a buoy
How many islands were in the group that Emily and Isman were trying to reach?
Did Emily or Isman reach the fourth island?
Yes, Emily
What did the man who rescued Emily first say to her?
What a blessing you were so pale against the black rocks.
How did Isman and Emily greet each other after they were rescued?
Held hands
Who was Emily going to find on Weh?
Matt or Uncle Matt
How did Emily plan to let her parents know that she was visiting her uncle?
Call them when she arrived
How long did Emily sit on the ferry before it set sail and before she met the Western couple?
Three hours
What did Emily say was the trick to making a bed with the patient still in it?
Make it one half at a time
What country is Emily and her family living in?
What is Emily's parents name?
James and Olivia
What did Emily think she was to blame for the death of Rabina?
She misplaced the cell phone so her mother could not return the page from the hospital
When Emily got on the ferry, who was she going to meet?
What is the name of the couple Emily first met on the ferry?
Catherine and Richard Richardson
What is Emily's full name?
Emily Slake
How does Emily go to school?
She is homeschooled
Where was Emily trapped when the boat started to fill with water?
inside a locker
What did Emily do to help her stay afloat?
She took off her leggings and tied them together to make a small float
What would Emily do to help distract her at night in the water?
She would look up at the stars
Why did Emily have to get away from other people while floating in the water?
Other people would try to hang onto her and she could risk drowing herself
Who did Emily finally see floating on a nearby raft?
Richard and Catherine
What was the one time Emily had almost stayed up all night?
The plane trip from the States to Malaysia
How old is Emily?
What did Emily decide to get rid of as she was floating at sea?
Her bracelet from her Dad
When Emily was younger she swam at the YMCA. What was the league called?
The Minnow League
What did Emily do for the very first time at night in the water?
She prayed
Emily heard a faint crying in the water. What was it?
a little boy
What was the boy afraid of that Emily would take away?
His floaty
How old was the little boy in the water and what was his name?
He is 9 years old. His name is Isman
What was Emily trying to convince Isman to do?
sleep while she pulled him
What did Emily and Isman find floating in the water?
A tomato
What language was Isman's prayers in?
What was in the water that Emily was trying to convince Isman to steer around?
a body
What did Emily and Isman become trapped in?
a whirlpool
What other objects were in the whirlpool with Emily and Isman?
dead man, bags, shoes, small door
What did Emily finally decide she had to do to swim out of the strong current?
You have to swim with the current to make it to the outside
After surviving the whirlpool, what was the object and the colors Emily saw in the water?
It was a man with a yellow shirt, an orange life vest and a green cushion from the boat
What did the man in the water offer Isman to eat?
A bar of candy wrapped in blue paper
What kind of candy bar did Emily and Isman split?
Dark chocolate with coconut inside
When they finally got close to the island, why could they not get to it?
The current was too strong. The island is so steep and there was no beach or coral reef to break up the current
Who yelled at Emily from the Island?
What did Richard throw for Emily to catch and try to pull her in?
A gray ball which was actually a buoy
Why did Emily let go of the rope that Richard threw her?
Because she couldn't leave Inman alone in the water