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Bloomin' Onion
onion, breaded, deepfried

w/ mayo-horseradish sauce
Aussie Cheese Fries
homemade fries, seasoned
monterey jack & cheddar cheese & bacon bits

w/ spicy ranch
Coral Reef Crab Dip
Crab meat, gouda cheese, parmesan cheese, corn, veggies, and spices. baked in a dish, served with honey wheat toast rounds.
Gold Coast Coconut Shrimp
5 large prawns
dipped in beer batter, then coconut, then fried

w/ marmalade
Kookaburra Wings
(wings mild/med/hot)
ten drummettes, breaded and fried.

w/ celery and homemade danish blue cheese
Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie
six grilled shrimp served on garlic busman's toast

w/ remoulade (a mayo/mustard herb sauce)
Tassie's Buffalo Strips
six ounces of chicken strips, breaded and fried, tossed in tassie's sauce.

w/ celery and danish blue cheese
Seared Ahi Tuna
(ahi app)
Ahi Tuna crusted in pepper and seared in sesame oil. served on romaine spears

w/ wasabi vinaigrette and soy dressing
Bushman 'Shrooms
twelve ounces of button mushrooms, breaded, deep fried

w/ spicy ranch
Queensland Salad
(q sal)
mixed greens, homemade chicken salad, MJ&C cheese,bacon,egg,tomato; almonds & croutons
Steakhouse Salad
(stk sal)
romaine and iceberg lettuce with cabbage, onion, tomatoes, pecans, pasta
6oz. sliced sirloin

w/ BCV and crumbles
Chicken or Shrimp Caesar Salad
(chk sal, shrimp sal)
8ounce chicken breast, caesar salad

5 grilled shrimp, caesar salad
Creamy Onion Soup
creamy onion/cheese soup. monteray jack & cheddar cheese
Baked Potato Soup
baked potato soup, bacon, chives, monterey jack &cheddar cheese
Broccoli Soup
creamy broccoli soup
Too Right French Onion Soup
french onion soup, caramalized onions, provolone and gruyere cheese

w/ parsley flecks
Clam Chowder
New england clam chowder, carrots, onions, celery, bacon

w/ oyster crackers
Alice Springs Chicken
8oz chicken breast, mushrooms, monterey jack & cheddar cheese, bacon, honey mustard

w/ honey mustard and chips
baby back ribs
full rack of pork ribs, smother in BBQ sauce

w/ cinnamon apples and side
Drover's Platter
half a rack of BBQ ribs, 8 oz BBQ chicken breast

w/ cinnamon apples and side
Cyclone Pasta
(cyc pasta)
penne pasta, grilled ckn & tasso ham, alfredo sauce,basil, sun-dried tomatoes, muhrooms,garlic, gouda cheese, provolone cheese, parmasan cheese
Walhalla Pasta
(walla w/chk)
fettuccine alfredo, veggies, parmesan cheese.

w/ 8 oz chicken breast (on request)
Queensland Chicken & Shrimp
5 oz. chicken breast, 5 grilled shrimp, in fettuccini alfredo

w/ light lemon butter sauce
Mum's Chopped Steak
10 oz chopped steak, garlic mash, shrooms, cabernet sauce

w/ side
Cyclone Chicken
8 oz BBQ chicken breast, mushrooms, tasso ham, basil, alfredo sauce, gouda cheese, provolone cheese, parmesan cheese.

w/ veggies
Toowoomba Pasta
fettuccini, shrimp, crawfish, mushrooms, seasoning, tomato cream sauce, parmesan cheese
Outback Special
(sirloin, 9/sirloin)
center cut top sirloin
Prime Rib
(8/12/16 prime)
slow roasted prime rib

w/ aus jus
Outback Style Prime Rib
(8/12/16 OB prime)
slow cooked prime, seasoned and seared
New York Strip
14oz center cut new york strip
20oz. porterhouse (one side is strip, other is filet)
Victoria's Center-Cut Filet
(filet, 7/filet)
USDA center-cut tenderloin
14oz ribeye, seasoned and seared

w/ tiger dill sauce
cool red center
medium rare
warm red center
cool pink center, touch of red
medium well
brown, touch of pink
brown throughout
outback grillers
(mg stk, mg shrimp, mg chk)
#8shrimp,8z ckn or stk, red onions, red peppers, zucchini, pineapple, shrooms, rice

w/ salad
rack of lamb
(rack[whole], lambch[chopped])
14oz of lamb chops,

w/ cabernet sauce

w/ mint jelly (on request)
Chicken on the barbie
8oz chickn breast with BBQ sauce

w/ veggies
grilled pork chops
two 8oz center cut pork chops

w/ cinnamon apples, creole-marmalade sauce, mash
fresh fish of the day
(name of fish)
9oz grilled fish

w/ remoulade, steamed veggies
atlantic salmon
9oz grilled fish

w/ remoulade, steamed veggies
royal port tilapia
bronzed redfish (tilapia), shrimp and crawfish cream sauce OR eharts of gold topping

w/ steamed veggies
2 lobster tail
(2 lob, 2 gr lob)
two steamed or grilled lob tails

w/ butter and 2 sides
3 lobster tail
(3 lob/ 3 gr lob)
three steamed or grilled lobster tails

w/ butter and 2 sides
No Rules Burger
8oz burger, b, P. L, O, T, shrooms, BBQ, BC, mustard, mayo, A, S

w/ chips
Bacon Cheese Burger
bb, A, P, L, O, T

w/ chips
Hickory Burger
8oz burger, homemade flame sauce, B, L, O, T, mayo, Cheddar cheese

w/ chips
The Outbacker Burger
(OB, OB/s, OB/a)
8oz burger P, L, O, T, mustard. add swiss or american cheese on request

w/ chips
BBQ chicken & bacon sandwich
8oz BBQ chicken breast with bacon, swiss cheese, L, T
Grilled Chicken & Swiss Sandwich
8oz chicken breast on sourdough bun, swiss cheese,BLT,HM
Hot Apple-Pecan Cobbler
apple cobbler, vanilla ice cream, apple butter sauce and pralines
chocolate thunder from down under
chocolate pecan brownie, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings
Chocolate Chocolate Tower
(tower, tower w/ scoop)
chocolate cake, chocolate filling

w/ ice cream (on request)
Sidney's Sinful Sundae
vanilla ice cream rolled in toasted coconut, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, strawberry
Cheesecake Olivia
(cake/ras, cake/choc)
new york style cheesecake, raspberry sauce or choc sauce
Grilled Cheese-a-roo
(gr chez)
american grilled cheese with 2 pickle slices

w/ side
Joey sirloin
(kid stk)
6oz center cut sirloin

w/ side
mac a roo 'n cheese
(kid mac)
penne pasta in velveeta cheese
kookaburra chicken fingers
3 chicken fingers

w/ HM and side
boomerang cheese burger
(kid burg)
5oz plain burger.

w/ side
junior ribs
(kid ribs)
1/2 rack of BBQ ribs

w/ side
grilled chicken on the barbie
(kid chk)
5oz chicken breast

w/ side
Spotted Dog Sundae
(b dog)
vanilla ice cream, choc sauce or oreo crumbles, whipped cream, cherry
Sauteed Mushrooms
button mushrooms in burgundy wine, onions
add on shrimp
5 grilled shrimp
add on lobster tail
(add lob, add gr lob)

steamed or grilled lobster tail

w/ butter and lemon
Add on crab
(add crab)
1/2 pound of steamed king crab legs
Aussie Chips
seasoned fries
wild grain wild rice medley
brown whole grain and wild rice, sun-dried tom, mushrooms, basil & rosemary
fresh steamed veggies
snow peas
fresh steamed broccoli
(broc veg)
fresh steamed broccoli
blue cheese topping
breadcrumbs with blue cheese and butter on your filet
horseradish topping
garlic pepper seasoned breadcrumb served with horseradish and butter on your filet
grilled onions
grilled, seasoned onions
roasted garlic mashed potatoes
12oz mash, heavy cream, butter, roasted garlic

w/ parsley
sweet potato
sweet potato, honey butter, brown sugar, cinnamon
fresh steamed green beans
french green beans, seasoned,

w/ butter
dressed baked potato
potato rolled in margarine and salt
mixed cheese
bacon bits
sour cream
no toppings
house salad
mixed lettuce, tom, onions & cucumbers, MJ&C, dressing & croutons
caesar salad
(sal c)
romaine lettuce, caesar dressing, parmesan cheese, croutons
blue cheese pecan chopped salad
mixed greens, carrots, cabbage, onion, pecans, fried pasta, bleu cheese crumbles

w/ bleu cheese vinaigrette
wasabi chopped salad
salad mix, wasabi & soy dressing; basil, cucumbers, wontons
mustard vinaigrette
fat free tangy tomato
thousand island
bleu cheese vinaigrette
honey mustard
spicy ranch
blue cheese
oil and vinegar