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Why is the Sydney Cosmo unique?
Mango sryup
Wallaby Darned
fresh peaches
peach schnapps
Descrivbe the flavor of Huckleberry?
A cross between a blueberry and raspberry- tart and sweet
Australian Rockmelon fruit?
glass for Signature Cocktails
14oz Golbet
Sample a Signature Cocktail
The Wallaby Darned
Garnish on a Blueberry Martini
3 fresh blueberries
Garnish on a
Sydney Cosmo
lemon twist
Garnish on a
Sour Apple Martini
apple slice
Garnish on a
Strawberry-Kiwi Frozen Lemonade
a strawberry
Garnish on a
Rum Berry Cooler
lime and a cherry
Garnish on a
Pomegranate Pear Martini
Garnish on a
Wallaby Darned
Garnish on a
South Wales Sangria
apple cubes
Describe the Blueberry Martini
dive into a deep pool of Stoli Blueberri Vodka, blueberry and citrus juices handshaken
Describe the Pomegranate Pear Martini
A fizzy martini made of Kettle One and Absolut pears with pomegranate juice
Name two top shelf margaritas
Patron Rita and the Grand Rita
Best Margarita and Why?
The Patron Margarita- made with
Patron Silver
Grand Marnier
describe the Pineapple-Chitpolte margarita
exciting blend of chipolte syrup
all natural fruti juices
pineapple finish
Glass that frozen and rock Ritas come in
14oz Goblet
Sun Orchard Mix
all natural fruit juices of lemons limes and oranges
Offer a Rita
gold coast frozen margarita
Garnish on a
Grand Rita
Garnish on a
Down Under Rita
Garnish on a
Gold Coast Rita
Garnish on a
Top Shelve Parton Margarita
Garnish on a
Pineapple-Chipotle Margarita
pineapple flag and a lime
Do you ask if they want a middy?
No its automatic (false)
How do you serve a bottled beer?
bring a chilled middy set it on coaster pour half the beer up to the middle of the glass then set the bottle on an additional coaster
Beer's on Tap
Foster's Premium
Miller Lite
Leine's Honeyweiss
Sam Adams Winter Lager
Spoted Cow
Michelob Golden Draft Light
3 imported bottled beers
Newcaslte brown ale
3 bottled domestic beers
Michelob Golden draft light
bud light
miller genuine draft
what beer can you sample
all drafts
what do you sample beer in
a middy
whats so great about how we arganize our beers in the menu
we that the aussie theme
what has free refills
sodas and iced tea
whats is a no ask refill and when should you bring it
auotmatic refill when drinks are half full
do they get a straw each time?
YES (true)
What bottled water do we serve?
Evain and Perrier
how do you serve bottled water?
bring the bottle and a clean wine glass to the table set the wine glass down not on a coaster, remove cap and keep fill the glass half way and set the bottle down label to guest
what is bottled water served in?
a wine glass
4 flavors of the lemonaides
what is an anrie?
lemonaide and ice an arlond palmer
describe the strawberry bull
red bull
strawberry puree
its refreshing and energizing
coco berry smootie
virgin pina colada with chooice of strawsberry or wildberry puree
what comes with a Ice tea
lemon and spoon
tap water gets a lemon?
Garnish on a
Outback Arnie
Garnish on a
strawberry Bull
lime and strawberry
Garnish on a
cherry limeaide
Garnish on a
strawberry smoothie
lime and strawberry
Garnish on a
coco berry smoothie
Garnish on a
fruti lemonaides
i want sweet and fruity but not booze what should i get
cherry l imeade of fruit lemonade
drink time standard is?
2 mins
what do you pick up and mention to each table?
the cheers menu
what signifies you have been to your table?
coasters out
what do you do if someone hasnt been greeted and you notice it?
ask if someone has helped them if not offer a drink and find a monager
How many ounces are in a Jack and Coke? How do you ring me up?
1.25 and whiskey
how many ounces are in Ketel One On The Rocks and how do you ring me up?
2 and rocks pour
reference me for a specific brand!
the brands page in the cheers menu