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animus animi, m.
spirit, mind, courage (animosity)
delecto delectare delectavi delectatus
please, delight (delectation)
exspecto exspectare exspectavi exspectatus
wait, wait for (expect)
notus nota notum, adj.,
well-known, familiar (notable)
obtineo obtinere obtinui obtentus
hold fast, hold, acquire, get (obtain)
probo probare probavi probatus
prove, approve (probation)
terminus termini, m.
limit, end (terminal)
volo volare volavi volatus
fly, rush (volatile)
gratus grata gratum
pleasing, pleasant, acceptable (adj)(gratify)
idoneus idonea idoneum
suitable, fit (adj)
iniquus iniqua iniquum
unequal, unjust (adj) (iniquity)
whence, from which (relative adv.)
whence? (interrog. adv.)