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abutor, abuti, abusus sum
waste; abuse; exhaust; curse
furor, furoris, n
madness, fury; passionate love
effrenatus, a, um
unrestrained, headstrong, violent; freed from
praesidium, praesidi(i), n
protection; help; garrison
vigilia, vigiliae, f
watch (fourth part of the night); wakefulness, vigil
munitissimus, a, um
defended, fortified, safe
vultus, vultus, m
face, expression; looks
pateo, patere, patui
to stand open; extend; be well know
conjuratio, conjurationis, f
conspiracy, plot; alliance; taking joint oath; band of conspirators
arbitror, arbitrari, arbitratus sum
to observe; testify; judge; believe
labefacto, labefactare, labefactavi, labefactatus
to shake; make unsteady; undermine
vasto, vastare, vastavi, vastatus
to lay waste, devastate, ravage
very much; too much; exceedingly
studeo, studere, studui
to desire; busy one's self with; strive
perniciosus, a, um
destructive, dangerous, pernicious
coerceo, coercere, coercui, coercitus
to enclose; restrain; repress; preserve; punish
desum, d(e)esse, defui, defuturus
to be wanting/lacking; fail/miss; abandon; be absent
mos, moris, m
habit; mood, manner
consilium, consili(i), n
plot, plan
telum, teli, n
dart, spear; weapon, javelin
iam pridem
pestis, pestis, f
plague, pestilence, curse, destruction
machinor, machinari, machinatus
to devise, plot