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arbiter elegantiae
arbiter of elegance
de nihilo nihil
nothing from nothing
possunt quia posse videntur
they can because they think they can
alea iacta est
the die is cast
veni, vidi, vici
I came, I saw, I conquered
persona non grata
unwelcome person
potentia per scientia
power through knowledge
lapsus linguae
slip of the tongue
scientia sol mentis
knowledge is the light of the mind
magnum opus
greatest work
cornu copiae
horn of plenty
modus vivendi
manner of living
dum spiro spero
while I breathe, I hope
novus ordo seclorum
new order of ages (new world order)
ars artis gratia
art for the sake of art
cogito ergo sum
status quo
alter ego
other self
sic transit gloria mundi
so passes the glory of the world
veritas vos liberabit
the truth will set you free
senatus populusque romanus (S.P.Q.R.)
The senate and the Roman people
nota bene
note well
labor omnia vincit
work conquers all
annuit coeptis
He (God) approves the beginning
citius, altius, fortius
Faster, higher, stronger
semper fidelis
always faithful
homo sapiens
wise man
terra firma
solid ground
scientia crescat, vita colatur
as knowledge grows, life becomes better
deus ex machina
God from the machine
status quo
the way things are now