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Delusional Disorder
-General Definition-
Psychotic disorder -
Characterized by non-bizarre delusion.
Requirements for Delusional Disorder Dx
Must be evident for a minimum of 1 month
can be accompanied by tactile or olfactory hallucinations.
Any concurrent mood episodes are brief relative to delusions
Types of Delusional Disorders
Delusional Disorder
Believes another person, often of higher status, is in love w/them
Grandiose Delusional Disorder
Convinced they have a special talent or understanding of some phenomenon or that they have accomplished something of great importance
Jealous Delusional Disorder
Believes that partner has been unfaithful based on faulty inferences
Persecutory Delusional Disorder
Believes that someone is conspiring, trying to poison, or follow them
Somatic Delusional Disorder
Convinced that 1(+) body openings emits a noxious odor, that insects are crawling unders skin, parasite has invaded body, body parts are ugly or not functioning
Mixed Delusional Disorder
When a specific theme does not predominate
Unspecified Delusional Disorder
When uncertain about the central delusional theme
Brief Psychotic Disorder
Schizophrenic symptoms evident at least 1 day but no more than 1 month
Shared Psychotic Disorder, also known as...
Folie a Deux
Shared Psychotic Disorder
characterized by the development of a delusion in an individual who is closely involved w/another who has prominent delusions
Psychotic Disorder due to a General medical condition
Characterized by prominent hallucinations or delusions created by a medical condition
Substance-Induced Psychotic Disorder
Often occuring during intoxication or soon after withdrawal