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What is the most immunogenic antigen?
what is 2nd most immunogenic?
what are after D and K in immunogenicity?
rank the Rh antigens in immunogeniity:
D > c > E > e > C
what are the common NATURALLY OCCURING antibodies in bbanking?
ABH, Hh, Ii, Lewis, P
What are the most common immune antibodies encoutnered in bbank?
Rh, Kell, Duffy, Kidd, Ss.
What are the high high freq antigens?
c, k, Kpb, Jsb, U, Lub
What are the low low freq antigens?
Kpa, Jsa, Lua, Cw, V
What antigens are NOT pairs?
Lewis a and b
Which 8 antibodies are IgG?
Rh, Kell, Duffy, Kidd, S/s/U, and Lutheran B.
Which antibodies are IgM?
M/N, Lutheran A/B, P1/P, Lewis A/B, I, ABH
Which IgG antibodies are never IgM?
Kells, Kidds, U
Which IgM antibodies are never IgG?
None; they are can occasionally be IgG.
In whom is the s-S-U- phenotype common?
List the IgG antibodies (9)
Rh, Duffy, Kell, Kidd, Lub, S/s/U, Xga
List the IgM antibodies (6 groups)
ABH, I/i, Lea/b, Lua/b, M/N, P1/P.
What are the naturally occurring antibodies?
All IgM except Lub, and some Anti-E and Anti-Cw
Which Ag/Ab reactions are enhanced by enzymes?
Rh, Kidd, I, Lewis, P1, ABO
What antigens are destroyed by enzymes?
Duffy, Xga, M/N/S.
What blood groups exhibit dosage?
Rh - except D
whats the acronym for dosage?
What are the most antigenic antigens?
D > K > c > E > k > e > Fya > C
What antibodies bind complement?
ABO, Le a/b, Jka/b, I/i, P/Pk, Vel
What antibody causes only HDN?
Lua, and mild
What antibodies cause HDN and HTR?
Rh, Kidd, Kell, Duffy, Lub, P1/P/Pk, S/s/U
What Ab only causes HTR?
P1 and P