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Which beta lactam is active ONLY against gram negative aerobic bacteria ?
What organisms is Aztreonam active against ?
H flu
P arugunosa
What type of diseases would indicate treatment with Aztreonam ?
UTI's, URI, LRTI, intrabdominal and gynecological infections
Can Aztreonam be given in pg >
What are the Carbapemens ?
Impenem (Primaxin)
Merrem (Metropenem)
How does the Carbapemems work ?
bind to two ppb's and cause weakening of cell wall and death
This feature of the Carbapenems broades its spectrum even further ...?
it is resistant to practically ALL beta lactamases AND can penetrate the gram negative cell envelope
Which is specifically approved for bacterial meningitis ?
Meropenem is specifically approved for Bacterial Meningitis in kids 3 months and up
-also used for complicated intraabdominal infections
Which Rx has THE broadest antimicrobial spectrum of any drug ?
Imipenem (Primaxin)
Can any of the carbapenems be given PO ?
no, all required IV or IM admin
How are the carbapenems exceted ?
Imipenem must be combined with cilastatin to prevent it from being inactivated by an enzyme in the kidney
Is Imipenem the *best* choice for a P. Aruginosa infection ?
No...when given alone to treat psuedemonas, resistance has been noted. Should be combined with another antipsuedemonal drug
What are the common side effects ?
pain at the site of injection
What are the approved uses for Metropenem ?
1. Bacterial meningitis in kids > 3 months
2. complicated intraabdominal infections
Imipenem is THE most effective beta lactam antibiotic for use against anerobic bacteria...TRUE OR FALSE ?