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What regulates homeopathetic remedies?
NOT regulated under DSHEA, minimally regulated by FDA, cause most products contain little or no active ingredients, therefore little oversight
If a homeopathetic product is marketed for a severe condition such as CA, what happens?
It must be an Rx
What do dietary supplements and homeopathetic remedies have in common?
the do not require proofs of safety/efficacy
What is NOT required on homeopathetic labels??
expiration date
What is on homeopathetic OTC labels?
ingredient list (latin names OK), instructions for safe use, at lesat one use (self limiting conditions), amt of dilution, expiration NOT required
What does HPUS stand for?
Homeopathic pharmacopoeia of the US=means drug was made in accordance to FDA standards
Who/what regulates herbals (botanicals)?
DSHEA regulates herbals in US
What is German Commission E?
German Commission E evaluates safety and efficacy of herbs through clinical trials and cases published in scientific lit. then publishes their own monographs periodically
How does natural medicines databases evaluate herbs?
rates the evidence and safety
What herb (botanical) is possibly effective at treating menopausal symptoms?
black cohosh
What herb (botanical) is possibly effective at treating PMS and PMDD symptoms?
chastetree berry
What herb (botanical) is possibly effective at treating menopausal symptoms?
What herb (botanical) is possibly ineffective at treating menopausal symptoms?
red clover
What is black cohosh otherwise known as?
Cimicifuga racemosa
What part of the black cohosh is used?
when consuling a patient on black cohosh what shoudl you tell your pt?

sig of Remifenmin?
case reports of liver damage, unsafe during pregnancy (uterine stimulation)

sig: 20 mg BID NMT 6 mths
What is chastetree berry otherwise known as?
Vitex, chasteberry
MOA of chasteberry?
not exactly known, but may affect DOPA, ACh, and opoid receptors, may also have estrogen and progestin activity
What should you warn your pts if they are going to take chasteberry?
wt. gain, and irregular menstrual bleeding is possible
pregnancy/lactation UNSAFE, potentially can interact with o/C
Evidence of chastetree effectiveness for PMDD and PMS?
comparable to fluoxetine for PMDD, overall possibly effective
Evening primrose oil is possibly ineffective for what?
PMS and menopausal symptoms
What is evening primerose oil similiar to ?
black current and borage seed oil
MOA of evening primrose oil?
potential anti-inflammatory effets therefore help with symptoms of pain and antiestrogenic effect
Would you reccomend evening primrose oil?
NO, trials inconsistent and contradictory
Soy is otherwise known as?
edamame, tofu
what part of soy is used?
what is the MOA of soy and red clover?
SERM: selective estrogen-receptor modulator: estrogenic/antiestrogenic depending on if pre or postmenopausal
what is soy possibly effective for? (5 things)
1 menopausal symptoms
2 diabetes- postmenopausal W with type II
3 diabetic neuropathy (help with kidney disease)
4 hyperlipidemia
5 osteoporosis
what do the phytoestrogens interact with?
warfarin, tamoxifen