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What does "ForthTelling" mean?
To instruct about current events and situations.
What does "Foretelling" mean?
To give prophecy about the future.
What does the term "sensus plenoir" mean?
Fuller Sense (of scripture)
What does the greek term "pareiserchomai" mean?
"came in along side of" (as in the law came in along side of something).
Used in Rom 5:20 and in Gal 2:4
What does "The Day of the Lord" refer to within the prophets?
The judgment that will come on the nations.
There are many "days of the Lord"
What is the X, X+1 Formula?
Formula used in the book of Amos (and other OT writings). Example: Three things I hate, even four.
How were the OT Prophets different from the ANE prophets.
ANE prophets often used divination, animal entrails and the stars to tell the future and to give concil to kings. They were not concerned with the holiness of their gods or the people's holiness.
What is meant by "Dual Fulfillment?"
Some prophecies can refer to an event in the present and a future event that the prophet may or may not have comprehended. eg: 2 Samuel 7:14/Hebrews 1:5- Applied to Christ and to Solomon.
What is meant by a "Truncated time perspective?"
This is when the prophet receives a message from YHWH but doesn't seem to understand the timeframe. eg: Jeremiah's New Covenant, Daniel's 70 days.
What is the relationship of Israel and the Church?
There is a sense in which the Church is a more complete continuation of the people of God in the Old Testament (Heb 11)
There is also a sense where the church is something new in the working of God.
(page 11 in notes)
What is Dispensational theology?
OT physical promises will be fulfilled physically for Israel after the Church age.
What is Historic Premillennial theology?
OT physical promises are fulfilled spiritually (and physically) in the Church age or beyond.
What is Post-millennial theology?
OT physical promises are fullfilled physically (and spiritually) in the church age or beyond. OT law will eventually be the law of the world through the working of the Church.
What is Amillennial theology?
OT physical promises fulfilled spiritually in the Church age or beyond.
What is the theme of Obadiah?
Destruction upon Edom (Esau) for their treachery against brother Jacob.
What is the theme of Joel?
The Days of YHWH
What are the themes of Jonah?
The necessity of the prophet's obedience
God's control of all elements, powers
God's grace to the Gentiles
Pattern for Israel as a witness
What is the theme of Amos?
YHWH judges other nations for injustice and Israel for its violation of covenant responsibilities.
What are the themes of Hosea?
God's unfiathful bride Israel will be taken captive but God will one day move to bring them back to Himself. (Secondary theme of a warning to Judah).
What is the theme of Micah?
YHWH's court case against His people and His future restoration of them.
What is the theme of Isaiah?
The Creator-Redeemer's restoration out of judgment.
What does the hebrew word "'almah" mean?
Young woman (not the technical word for virgin).
What does the hebrew word "betulah" mean?
It is the technical word for virgin, not used in Isaiah 7:14
Which book demonstrates that Hebrew Chiastic structure?
What is the order of the Chiastic structure in Hosea?
A: Marriage/Symbols of covenant
B: Covenant Renewal
C: Idolatry and Judgment
D: Indictment and Judgment
C': Harlotry with Baalism
B': Covenant Renewal
A': Marriage/Symbols of Covenant Renewal
Which prophets spoke primarily against Israel?
Which prophets spoke primarily against Assyria?
Which prophets spoke primarily against Judah?