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theologised history
adds a religious aspect to a nations history
Seti I
mosos's birth P
Rameses II
exidus P.
Amarna letters
letters from xannon to egypt requesting help aginst israel
female that helped hebrew spys in jerico
Holy war characteristics
deities fight for their people. fight only when god commands. take no prisoners. no distinction between military and civilian. if your side is right then no causulties. usually very ritualistic.
city where joseph gathered the trives near the end of his life
tribal confedericy
each tribe is indepedant and ran by judges. they act togather in times of war and independant in times of peace.
not heridity based. divinly choosen
first female judge. one of the only independatly important female figures in judges.
son of a barron woman. a nazirite for life. a judge
took vows that intesify th connection with god
nazirite vows
no wine, no contact with a human corpse, never cut hair
israel split after Sol's death into 2 countries
israel- northern follows the heirs of sol
Judoh- follows david
annionted by god during sol's kingship. slayed golioth, very smart
constant oppenents throughout judges. david defeats them. used steel while israel used bronze.
David's interaction with philistines
david defeated their champian giolith. later worked for them when Sol tried to kill him before david became king.
ishbaal (ishboshet)
assassenated. was reported by Rechab. david had rechab executed.
orical and prophet that comes to david
tried to usurp the throne from david. causes david to flee before reclaiming the throne