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If a person presents with a dropped wrist/or finger what is likely the nerve damaged?
Radial Nerve Injury
A "Cock Up" -volar wrist flexion control, MCP extension mobilization splint and wrist mobilization would be appropriate orthosis for what nerve injury?
Radial Nerve Injury
A DISTAL median nerve injury would cause what type of deformity?
"Ape" hand
A PROXIMAL Median nerve injury would cause what types of deformities?
"Active Papal Sign"; Loss of DIP flexion of index/middle finger
"Claw Hand" would be the deformity caused by what nerve injury?
Median & Ulnar Nerve injuries
What is a claw hand also known as?
Intrinsic Minus Hand
A "Bishops" hand aka "Benedication hand" or static Papal sign is due to what ulnar nerve damage and what type of deformity?
Ulnar Nerve Damage; Ulnar clawing of the 4th adn 5th digits
What is a "Buddy Splint" appropriate for--what type of nerve injury?
A PROXIMAL median nerve injury--you tape fingers together to middle finger to assist
A person presenting with Ape Hand due to a distal median nerve damage would need what type of orthosis?
Thumb post static splint, Dynamic thumb orthosis, C-bar Opponens
An opponens orthosis with lumbrical bar (MCP blocks) would be appropriate to use with what type of nerve injury?
Median or ulnar nerve damage--"Claw Hand"/"Intrinsic Minus hand"
Opponens orthosis with lumbrical bar (MCP block) to 4th and 5th digits and MCP flexion mobilization splint would be appropriate to use with what type of nerve injury?
Ulnar Nerve injury