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Caustic Law
If-Then Laws (All 8 Law Codes are Caustic)
Apodictic Law
Moral Demand Laws- found only in the Bible
Periodic Seasons
Sabbath- Every 7th day- Give balance and spiritual flavor to life
Sabbatical Month- Beginning of the Religious Year (7th month)
Sabbatical Year- Every 7th year
Redeemer- when someone was in debt in O.T.
Burnt Offering
animal consumed completely-
Complete consecration to God
Grain Offering
Products of the soil
Dedication of one's gifts to God
Peace Offering
spontaneous thanks
Fellowship and Communion with God and People
Sin Offering
sins of ignorance
Restoration of moral relationship with God
Trespass Offering
sins of intention
Forgiveness, Restitution, Restoration
Hammurabi Code
Code of Ethics written by Hammurabi, sixth king of Babylon: One of the earliest written codes of conduct. Harsh, Trial by Ordeal, Guilty until proven innocent, economic, answer to a judge, lex talionis "eye for an eye"
Feast of Tabernacles
Purpose: To remind the people of the temporary dwellings in their winlderness wanderings as well as the wandering itself. Final festival of the year- seven day period during which the Israelites lived in tents- Largets burnt offering ever presented (70 bulls) Every 7th year significant- public reading of the law
Day of Atonement
Purpose: to atone for sins and remove them from the sinenr. Most solemn occasion of the whole year. Observed with a holy convocation and fasting (Only fast required by Mosaic law). A scapegoat was used No work permitted on this day. Only the high priest could offeciate on this day.
Harvest Festival (Also called First Fruits, Weeks, Pentecost)
Purpose: to remember the poor and needy and (later) to celebrate the giving of the law to Moses on Mt. Sinai. Lasted 1 day and took place 50 days after Passover
Tabernacle (Worship center)
Israel instructed to build so that God could "dwell in their midst"- Built at Shiloh- Included Court of the Tabernacle, Altar of Burnt Offering, Laver, Holy Place, and Holy of Holies.
Tabernacle Furniture
Altar of Incense, Golden Candlestick, Table of ShewBread (Also Ark fo the Covenant)
Offering to God for sin's of people