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What OT Code of Ethics is concerned with OT personnel demonstrating a concern for the well being of the recipients of their services?
An OT starts to engage in a sexual relationship with a current client. This is breaking what code of ethics?
OTs who comply with the laws of AOTA and state associations are following what code of ethics?
Providing accurate information about OT services relates to what code of ethics?
OTs who treat other professionals and staff member with respect are following what code of ethics?
What is the MINIMUM reporting standard required of an OT who suspects pt./child abuse?
reporting to the immediate supervisor
What are public bodies created by state legislatures to assure the health and safety of the citizens of that state called?
SRBs--State Regulatory Boards
Can a COTA initiate treatment prior to the OTs evaluation?
NO--they can contribute to the eval process, but not evaluate
A new OTR/L is being supervised by a veteran OTR/L, and the two meet only on a "needed basis" and often times only meet only once a month, if that. What kind of supervision is the new OTR/L receiving?
Minimal Supervision
Supervision that involves meeting at least monthly direct contact with other supervision available as needed is known as what kind of supervision?
General Supervision
Is an entry level OT required to have supervision?
No, but it's recommended
Who can an entry level OT supervise?
OT Aides, techs, care extenders, all levels of OTAs, volunteers, Level 1 fieldwork students
What two types of teams are considered the most common and most effective in today's health care system?
Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary
What federal agency develops rules and regulations pertainig to federal laws, in particular the Medicare/Medicaid programs?
CMS--Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
JCAHO and CARF are ________ accrediting agencies that accredit health care adn rehab facilities.
When considering payment for OT service, the monetary amount to be paid by the patient is known as...
What are the largest source of insurance payments in the US?
Private insurance and Managed Care Plans
Who determines the requirements and regulations for insurers who operate within their borders?
Each state
What was est. in 1965 by Congress as Title XVIII of the SS Act?
Who are the larges single payers for OT services?
Who is eligible for Medicare?
person older than 65, people with permanent kidney failure, black lung disease, or other long term disability, and people who have been on SS for 24 mos.
Who pays for hospital, inpt. SNF, home health, and hospice A or B
Medicare Part A
A supplemental medical insurance program that must be purchased by the beneficiary are requires a 20% copayment and has NO specific time limit is known as...
Medicare Part B
What is the main difference between Part A and Part B Medicare?
Frequency in which pt. receives treatment
Part A: Inpt. minimum of 5 days/week
Part B: Outpt. 3 days/week
When is OT in home care covered by Medicare?
when the pt. is homebound and needs intermittent skilled nursing care
Is Medicare likely to cover the costs of a wheelchair or a raised toilet seat?
a wheelchair because it's medically necessary, and a raised toilet seat can be used by other people who don't necessarily need it
______is a state/federal health insurance programfor persons with income below an est. amount or have a disability.
Who determines the regulations for worker's compensation?
the commission board of EACH state
What mandates that all states provide educational services for children 3-5 and education for children 5-21?
Are Infant and Toddler programs required of each state?
No, they are recommended by IDEA, but not required
When should transitional planning begin?
At age 14 (younger if needed)
When do transitional services begin?
16 years of age
What has solidified schools as a practice setting for OT?
How often must the transition plan be updated?
Who can make a referrel for OT in the school system?
previous agency that provided early intervention, child's teacher, school's child study teaam
Who is eligible for membership to Clubhouse programs?
adults and elders with a current mental illness or history of mental illness
Who usually refers one to a wellness adn prevention program?
Usually one's self in order to meet a personal need
Do private practicioners have to abide by all state and third party payer regulations for eval., intervention, and documentation?
Yes, they must!
What are the 4 basic steps of program planning?
Needs assessment, program planning, program implementation, program evaluation
What is the amount of time a full time staff employee works known as?
hint: budget formula used to determine the number of personnel providing direct care
What is emphasized most with Continuous Quality Control (CQI)?
What does Risk management most look at?
ways to decrease actual or potential losses
A two-group design which includes random selection and assignment into an experimental group that receives treatment or a control group that dosn't where all other experiences are kept the same is known as...
True-experimental design
True-experimental, quasi-experimental, non-experimental/correlational are all examples of what type of design?
What type of experiment would be used when it is unethical to control or withhold treatment?
What type of experiment is used to study potential RELATIONSHIPS between 2 or more variables?
What experiment would be used to find a cause and relationship between the IV and DV?
What type of experiment would be used to understand the insiders perspective in the health care system in order to develop meaningful services?
Ethnographic research
What research is used when the researcher becomes completely involved in an experience to understand what he's studying?
Heuristic research
What is the most frequently used measure of variability when interpreting data?
Standard Deviation
Who must approve all human subject research?
Institutional Review Board (IRB)