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“the supremacy of pure feeling in creative art”
Art Works created for a specific site, especially a gallery or outdoor area, that create a total environment
International Style
a consistent multinational concept of architecture
a photographic work created from many smaller photographs arranged in a composition
an object from popular or marerial culture presented without further manipulation as an artwork by the artist
a technique whereby the usual intellectual control of the artist over his or her brush or pencil is foregone. The artists aim is to allow the subconscious to create the artwork without rational interference
a design produced by laying a piece of paper over a textured surface and rubbing with charcoal or other soft medium
Prairie style
style inspired by the horizontal character of the prairie
a sculpture made with parts suspended in such a way that they move in a current of air
Art brut
French, “Raw art” Term introduced by Jean Dubuffet to denote the often vividly expressive art of children and the insane, which he considered uncontaminated by culture
art informel
"formless art"