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What word describes a chance event?
When discussing injury factoids, what do we speak of in terms of injury?
Unintentional Injuries
Do males or females have a greater risk factor for injuries?
List order of injury risk factors for the following racial groups: hispanics, whites, asians, african americans
African Americans>Hispanics>Whites>Asians
How can the physics of an injury be described?
Transformation of energy.
What is the hierarchy of injury control interventions, amongst the following interventions:
a.product modification
c.environmental modification??
product modification>environmental modification>education
In the Haddon model, what are the 3 different parts of an event?
What are the 2 main injury prevention strategies?
Active Strategies, Passive Strategies
Which injury prevention strategy works automatically?
Passive Strategy
What is the #1 cause of death in ages 1-64?
Of the children killed in MVA's, what injury prevention method was not employed in nearly 1/2 of them?
Nearly 1/2 were unrestrained.
What are 2 risk factors involving children and injury prevention?
1.Drinking driver
2.If the driver is restrained, the likelihood is higher that the child will be restrained.
Where should all children 12 years and younger sit in the car?
The back seat--this eliminates injury from the automatic adult-sized airbags.
Which way should a car-seat face in a vehicle for a child under 1 year old?
Car-seat should face the rear of the vehicle.
Which way should a car-seat face for a toddler?
Up to 4'9" (early school age), what does the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommend for children traveling in a car?
Booster seat combination
Children aged 4-7 are less likely to suffer an injury in the car if they use what?
Belt positioning booster seats
According to Michigan law, up to what age does a child have to be in a child restraint device?
Age 3
Under Michigan law, what age group has to use seat belts in the rear seat?
4-15 years
Is there a law in Michigan requiring toddlers to be in a booster seat?
Why is putting a toddler in a booster seat important?
Since seatbelts were designed for adults, children can receive trauma to the internal organs or fractures of the spine (due to how the seatbelt fits them)
What are the 2 main gaps in MI law?
1.Children ages 4-7 can be restrained like adults in a safety belt alone (no booster seat required)****
2.A nursing child is allowed to ride unrestrained-so, if you're a nursing mother and you're driving you can nurse with your baby in the front seat while your driving!
What grade does Michigan have with regards to child passenger laws?
Are school bus related fatalities related more with pedestrians or bus occupants?
With regards to non-fatal bus injuries, who are most of the children?
Bus occupants.
What theory states that the padded seats create a box around the child that helps prevent injuries when going forward and stopping suddenly?
Compartment theory.
What are the 2 theories that are in dispute with regards to school bus safety?
Seat belt vs. Compartment Theory.
What is a major cause of residential fires?
How do most fire victims die?
From smoke or toxic fumes NOT burns.
What is the leading cause of fire-related deaths?
With regards to fire prevention, where should one NOT smoke?
In bed.
With regards to fire prevention, what is now required in the US for child sleepwear?
Flame-resistant sleepwear.
How can scald burn injuries in children be prevented?
Set hot water heater to 100-125F.
What is the best way to determine safety at your home for a toddler?
Think like a toddler! Explore like a toddler!
Should a syrup of ipecac be given to a child that is poisoned?
NO! (Continued vomiting may reuslt in the child being unable to tolerate other orally administered poison treatments (e.g. activated charcoal))
For poisoning, does research support the routine administration of activated charcoal in the home?
NO! Efficacy and safety have not been demonstrated.
What types of pediatricians are more effective with their patients?
Pediatricians that lead by example.
Who and what age group is most likely to be injured by firearms?
15-24 y.o. urban male
How should guns be stored for the safety of children?
Locked up away from children with bullets stored separately.
At what time of day do most pedestrian injuries occur?
Daytime, early evening.
Who is more frequently injured in pedestrian injuries?
Males more than females, 5-9 y.o. males, low SES
In the playground, what is adequate cushioning under climbing areas?
6-8 inches of sand or 12 inches of bark
Risk of injury from fall in a playground is much greater from what height?
With toys, what is a good rule thumb to use when considering the size of toys?
Toys should not be small enough to go through a roll of toilet paper--b/c it can then get in their mouth.
What can a child drown in?
A child can drown in anything from a bucket to an ocean.
What is a minimum height the fence around a pool should be?
4" minimum
What is the AAP TIPP Program?
A series of age-appropriate handouts and questionaires to help give info to your parents.
Birth to 6 months
Automobile injuries
Choking and suffocation
6 to 12 months
Automobile safety
Early School Age (Preschool)
Bicycle safety
Playground materials
Classroom environment
Youth Safety Issues (6-teen)
Alcohol and drugs
Injury prevention is important--it is the number one threat to their life.