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What is the trend for the height of a child?
Height goes up as they get older but increases at a lower rate.
What is the trend for the weight of a child?
Weight also goes up as they get older at a lower rate.
By 2 years, what is the child's head circumference?
Head circumference is at 90% of its final size.
For the most part, what does one see on a growth curve?
One will see a steep curve then a flattening out.
What do most growth charts show for kids under age 2?
Head, weight.
At 2-20 years what does a growth chart incorporate?
BMI, which changes throughout the aging process.
What is channelling?
-First 6 mos. of development kids are influenced by peri-natal issues.
-From 6 mos. to 3 years, effects of genetics take over.
With regards to a growth curve, what occurs to kids from 6mos. to 36mos.?
From 6 to 36 mos. (3 yrs.) this period is where kids get on a growth curve and stay there, if they are healthy, until puberty when things go haywire.
What are the general trends with regards to vital signs?
1.BP goes up
2.RR goes down
3.HR goes down
What are the 4 observational developmental categories?
1.Personal-Social Development
2.Fine Motor Development
3.Language Development
4.Gross-Motor Development
Personal-Social Development: What do kids learn to do first? Drink, put on clothes, take off clothes
2.Take off clothes
3.Put on clothes
Fine Motor Development: What do kids learn to do first? Tower cubes, imitate vertical line, scribbe
2.Tower Cubes
3.Imitate vertical line
Language Development: What do kids learn first? Point out and name body parts, name color, put 2 words together
1.Put words together
2.Point out and name body parts
3.Name a color
Gross Motor Development: What do kids learn first? Balance on 1 leg, walk, kick a ball
2.kick a ball
3.balance on one leg
Why do we want to know developmental progressions?
These are the basis for many of the therapies available.
What is the Denver Developmental?
Chart that shows what tasks/test the child should be able to performa according to age.
What is early on?
Early on is a free program in MI for kids up to 3 yrs. old who are at risk for or who have identified a developmental delay.
Based on the Denver Developmental, what criteria needs to be met in order for the child to get further evaluation?
If there are 2 or more cautions or 1 fail.
What is a suggested approach to wean a baby off of a cup?
1.Mean approach=Loose the bottle and thirst will drive them to the cup
2.Take them cup shopping and get them a sturdy cup with 2 handles. Have them sit up in a chair with a back
3.Use water or something that doesn't stain
4.Explain why child should stop using bottle: tooth decay, malocclusion
What is the suggested approach for temper tantrums?
1.Make rules and stick to them.
2.Be consistent or the tantrums will go on much longer.
What is the suggest approach for toilet training?
1.Need to watch a real person do it, not a video.
2.Give child clothes that are easy to take off
3.Use signals from child telling you that they have to go
What is the suggested approach for eating and sleeping patterns?
1.Get into a routine for bedtime
2.By 6 mos. try to get the baby to bed awake so they can learn to put themselves to sleep
3.Try to keep them in the room once you leave