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What are the benefits of breastfeeding for the infant, the mother and society?
1.Nature:enhance survival of species
2.Health,nutritional,psychological,social,economic benefits
3.Breastfeeding is species-specific
4.Lower risk of breast & ovarian cancer
5.Maternal-infant neuroendocrine interaction
6.Helps infant's immune system
When is the infant's immune system completely developed?
Ages 1 to 4.
What does breast milk provide on the infant's intestines?
Provides a layer so that there is a decreased adherence of pathogens.
What do the enzymes in breast milk help do?
Enzymes in breast milk help lyse and bind pathogens.
What does breast milk do for the immune system and intestinal flora?
Modulates immune factors and promotes healthy intestinal flora.
What are the healthy bacteria that breast milk provides?
Lactobacillus & Bifidobacterium
Babies drinking breast milk have what kind of stool?
How does breast milk help protect against autoimmune diseases?
Breast milk provides some sort of mechanism to help the body recognize its own cells.
For how long should babies receive exclusive breast milk?
6 mos.
For how long should breastfeeding continue?
12 mos.
How many years of breastfeeding does the WHO recommend?
A minimum of 2 years.
What are the medical contraindication for breast feeding?
1.Maternal HIV
5.Radioactive cmpds
6.Ergot alkaloids
7.Infant galactosemia
What should physicians do to help increase breastfeeding rates?
Physicians should tell their patients that "breastfeeding IS best and here's some ideas tht can help you make it work for you and your baby."
What are the current rates for breastfeeding in the US?
2001: 69.5% of mothers began breastfeeding at the child's birth. By 6 mos., only 32.5% were breastfeeding and only 18.7% were at 12 months. These number drop off real fast!
What does the baby have to do for adequate milk transfer?
The baby's tongue needs to extend over the lower gum and cup the areola. (creates negative pressure) Tongue needs to express the milk by massaging the areola.
What type of mechanism is breastfeeding?
Supply & Demand-If the baby is drinking a lot of milk, the mom's body will make more and if the baby is not drinking a lot of milk, the mother's body will make less.
What 3 reflexes does the baby have that help it get to the breast?
1.Stepping & crawling
2.Searching & rooting
Opening the mouth, rooting, sucking, or chewing are all what type of signals?
Early hunger cues.
Crying & deep sleep are what type of hunger cues?
Late hunger cues.
Describe the "snuggled skin-to-skin" method of milk transfer.
Baby is naked except for diaper and mother's shirt is opened in the front, and the baby will try and find the breast.
Describe the "cross-cradle" method of milk transfer?
Mother is sitting and baby comes in from the side in a horizontal position.
Describe the "side-lying" method of milk transfer?
Mother and baby are both lying down, facing each other.
If the feeding is too short (less than 10 minutes), what does this mean?
Baby is not getting enough hindmilk?
If the feeding is always long (more than 45 mintues), what does this mean?
The baby may not be feeding very effectively.
With regards to feeding, what does it mean if the baby is gaining weight and there is spit-up and feces and urine?
Means that baby is getting enough food.
How should a baby be latched on to the nipple?
Aim the nose to the nipple and the chin to the breast.
When does a good latch occur?
When the baby has the whole areola inside of its mouth.
When latching onto the nipple, should the babies lips be latched outward or sucked in?
Latched outward.
If the babies lips are sucked in, what does this do?
It hurts the mother.
Describe the nutritive suck.
Baby has a short period of fast sucking to bring the milk down. This is followed by rhythmic jaw motion-->OPEN, PAUSE, CLOSE
What are the cues signaling that the baby is done drinking?
The baby will stop sucking and swallowing, or baby will fall into a deep sleep and may be floppy and weak.
What does a breast-fed babies poop look like?
Yellow & seedy
Initial feces that comes out the first couple of days, it is sticky and tarry.
As milk is introduced, feces becomes more runny.
Eventually, breat-fed babies develop this type of feces.
By 6 to 8 weeks of age, what do babies do with their feces?
Hold their feces in and go all at once.
What are the ways to fix a poor feeding?
1.Right position, latch
2.No pacifiers, bottles
4.Get tongue-tie cut-off
5.Train baby to suck using finger
What can mother do to help a poor feeding?
Increase skin-to-skin time with mom-decreases cortisol and adrenaline, babies feed better.
When is supplementation required?
Baby is sick, very angry, very sleepy, & babies may become fussy during a growth spurt.
How long should feedings take?
Between 10-45 minutes.