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LSA Type 1
Router LSA - Includes a list of directly attached link, identified by IP prefix assigned to link, and the RID of the originating router. Floods within area only, does not cross ABR.
LSA Type 2
Network LSA - Lists each of the attached routers that make up the transit network. Ethernet is an example where the DR makes the announcement. They never cross an area boundary.
LSA Type 3
Summary LSA - ABR sends type 3's which advertise any network owned by an area to the rest of the areas.
LSA Type 4
Summary LSA - Used only when ASBR exists and provides a route to it. The type 4 is learned by the ABR from the ASBR.
LSA Type 5
External LSA - Describe routes to networks outside the OSPF AS. Originated by the ASBR and are flooded to the entire autonomous system.
LSA Type 6
Specializd LSAs that are used in multicast OSPF applications.
Allows ASBRs, an addendum to the OSPF RFC, uses special LSA type 7
Not So Stubby Area NSSA
Labeled area 0, all other areas connect to this area to exchange and route information. Some properties as standard OSPF area.
Backbone area
The area does not accept information about routes external to the AS, such as routes from non-OSPF sources. If routers need to route to networks outside the AS they use a default route. Cannot contain ASBRs
Stub Area
Does not accept external autonomous system routes or summary routes from other areas internal to the autonomous system. If the route needs to send a packet to a network external to the area, it sends the packet using a default route. Cannot contain ASBRs
Totally Stubby Area