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Area Border Router (ABR)
An OSPF router with interfaces connected to the backbone area and to at least one other area
Autonomous System Border Router (ASBR)
An OSPF router that connects to non-OSPF routers to exchange external routes into and out of the OSPF domain
Backbone router
A router in one area, the backbone area
Internal router
A router in a single non-backbone area.
A set of routers and links that share the same detailed LSDB information, but not with routers in other areas, for better efficiency.
External route
A route learned from outside the OSPF domain and then advertised into the OSPF domain
Intra-area route
A route to a subnet inside the same area as the router.
Inter-area route
A route to a subnet in an area of which the router is not a part.
Autonomous system
In OSPF, a reference to a set of routers that use OSPF.