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What is highly polar and as a result has poor absorption from GI tract and renal tubles
What is urea used to tx
otitis media, mucolytic agent, decrease in intraocular pressure, decrease in cerebral edema, promotes urinary excretion of toxic substances, managemnt of sickle-cell, prx renal failure
What will decompose upon heat/acid/basic media
What does ethacrynic acid do?
it inhibits luminal K+/Na+ system
what are the metabolsim properties of ethacrynic acid?
alkylating self hydrol group, if reduced still an active molecule
What do K+sparing diuretics do?
They promote urinary excretion of Mg ions, inactive when aromatic hydroxylation, primary amines at 2,4,7 and electron withdrawaing group at 6
What are characteristics of the sulfonamide analogs and what do they include?
take out N and add an e withdrawing group easier to form a salt, and also include oral hypoglycemia
They include CA inhibitors, thiazide diuretics
Absorbed well from GI tract
and very little metabolism
What are the two amphoteric drugs?
Darzolamide and Brizolemide
Splitting of what generates a what?
splitting of triamterene generates an amiloride
what are the characteristics of Amiloride?
no excretion of Mg ions, replaced with CL for better absorption, 5-NH causes an increase in NA and CL excretion and 6-CL for K sparing
What are the characteristics of Thiazide
sulfamido group at pos 7
e withdrawing group at R3
reduction of 3-4 bond
Lipophilic group at R1/R2
What do the benzoic acid group include?
Furosemide and bumetanide
What is Furosemide
an anthranillic acid derivative
metabolism can generate an inactive metabolite
what is an important characteristic of bumetanide
if you shift amine from pos 2 to 3 you will increase the potency of the loop diuretic by 50 times
What does the Benzamide diuretics include?
Indamamide and Chlorothalidone
What is a characteristic of the indampamide/benzamide
greater lipophilicity than thiazides
what is a characterisitic in terms of metabolism for the benzamide?
omega 1 carbon hydroxylation