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What number is the Physical Layer and what does it do or consist of?
Number 1
-contains Physical networking medium:cabling,connectors,repeaters-Protocols generate & detect voltage so as to transmit and recieve signals. -Sets the transmission rate, monitors data,error rates, does not correct errors.
What number is the Network Layer? What does it consist of or perform?
Number 3
Manages addressing and routing data based on addressing patterns of usage and availability.-Routers belong because they use the information to intelligently direct data from sender to receiver. -Responsible for segmentation and reassembly.
What number is the Transport Layer? What does it do or consist of?
Number 4
-Responsible primarily for ensuring that data are transferred from point A to B (which may or may not be on the same network segment) reliably and without errors.-Example:Transport layer ensures that data are sent and received in the same order, or sequence. It also establishes the level of packet error checking.
What number is the Application Layer? What does it do or consist of?
Number 7
-It provides interfaces to the software that enable it to use network services. Some of the services provided by the application layer include file transfer, file management, and message handling for electronic mail.
What are two sublayers of the Data Link Layer? What do they do?
LLC (Logical Link Control) provides a common interface and supply's reliability and flow control services.
-Media Access Control (MAC) appends the physical address of the destination computer onto the data frame.
______ _______ also known as simply Frames are small blocks of data with control, addressing, and handling information attached to them. Frames are composed of several smaller components. The characteristics of these components depend on the type of network on which the frames run and the standards that they must follow. The two categories of frame types _____ and ______ correspond to the two most commonly used network technologies.
-Data Frames-Ethernet and Token Ring
A ______ ______ from a software program is received by the ________ Layer services and is transferred down through the layers of the OSI Model until it reaches the Physical Layer or the Network cable. At that point, data are sent to there destination over the wire, and the Physical layer services at the destination, send it back up through the layers of the OSI Model until it reaches the application layer.
data request, Application Layer
What number is Data Link Layer? What does it consist of or do?
Number 2
-bridges the networking media with astract software and data streams.-Primary function to divide data it receives from network layer into frames that can be transmitted by the physical layer. -Bridges, switches work because they decode frames and use the frame information to transmit data to correct recipient.
The OSI ______ _______ ______,was made early in the _______s(year),but the ISO (International Organization for Standardization in Geniva Switzerland.
Open System Interconnection /1980's
What number is the Presentation Layer? What does it do or consist of?
Number 6
It serves as translator between the application and the network. -Data is formatted in a schema that the network can understand; this format varies with the type of network used. -Also manages data encryption and decryption, such as scrambling of passwords.
What number is the Session Layer? What does it do or consist of?
Number 5
-Establishes and maintains communication between two nodes on the network. Considered the "Traffic Cop" of network communications.-The term "session" refers to a connection for data exchange between two parties: it is most often used in context of terminal and mainframe communication.