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What are the two scenarios where multithreading does not provide better performance than a single threaded solution when run on a machine where the number of available cores is greater than the number of threads in the multi-threaded solution.
-I/O bound program
-User-level threads
What are the two models of interprocess communication?
-Message Passing
Well defined interface between processes
Synch naturally handled between messages
Slower due to extra overhead.

-Shared Memory
Harder to program.
What is the Pthread function call to initialize a thread and begin its execution.
What is the pthread function call that waits for the thread to exit, reads the thread's return value, and cleans up its resources?
Which pthread function call causes the resources for the thread to be automatically released when the thread completes.
How do Linux threads differ from UNIX threads?
Linux threads are processes. Linux chooses to use the clone() function to implement both pthreads and fork().