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what are the three areas of bursitis in the knee?
pes anserine, prepatellar, iliotibial band syndrome
where is knee effusion easily palpable?
in the suprapatellar pouch
hamstring tightness is a common cause of this... how is it tested?
anterior knee pain. hamstring tighness is tested by popliteal angle
patella instability is tested by...
apprehension test
what are the two tests for torn ACL?
lachmen and anterior drawer test
ACL injuries commonly affect who?
female athletes
how do you treat ACL tears?
partial tears can be treated conservatively with bracing while full tears will need reconstruction
what is a common complication of PCL tears
popliteal artery injury
the two tests used for checking meniscal tears are...
mcmurrays (rotate knee and listen for pops) and appley grinding test
what molecule is responsible for the synovial fluids elastoviscosity?
why does viscosupplementation work?
it is not bc of increased fluid flow, it is bc hyaluran prevents nociception, has anti-iinflammatory effects, stimulates endogenous hyaluronan synthesis, and it inhibits matrix metalloprotease release
OA of the knee is commonly associated with what?
genu varum
what are early treatments (non surgical) of knee arthritis?
viscosupplements, acetaminophen first, then other nsaids, cox 2 specefic inhibitors, gluccocorticoid injection
what ligament is sacrificed in most TKR's>