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Place, time, reason for the founding of Neo Orthodoxy?
Enlightenment Germany. Jews wanted to integrate into the society, but not lose thier Judaism.
What is Normative Judaism?
Torah is from Sinai, God is all-knowing, all powerful, and perfect. Both Oral and Written Torahs. Until Chassidic. Original Orthodoxy.
Define the term Orthodoxy- its origin and its applied definition.
Orhtodoxy means one belief. Reform gave it to the traditional Jews as a mockery.
What are the three subgroups of “Orthodoxy?
Modern-Orthodoxy, Haredi, and Haredi-Hassidic
What do all the subgroups in “Orthodoxy” have in common as far as practices and Theology?
They all observe all Halachah and that all Torah is from Sinai
What are the main differences between the subgroups in “Orthodoxy?"
their integration into secular life, and the importance of kabalah.
Who was Rambam? Place of birth, main written work and its influence on our Halacha?
Rambam was a very important scholar in Golden age of Spain. Spain, main work was the mishnah torah. core laws of Judaism without discussion
Shulchan Aruch and Mapa- what are they? Time and place, their connection to Sfaradic Jewry verses Ashkenazi Jewry??
Shulkahn aruch is the sepharidic code of law. Mappah adds the ashkenazic part to it. both centralized codes of law. written in the 1500s
What does OU and RCA stand for
OU- orthodox union- general orthodox
RCA- rabbinical council of america- modern orthodox
What are the 13 principles of faith and who compiled them? Where can they be found in our liturgy?
Ramabma compiled 13 of Judaism's core beliefs. Yigdal
Who are the two prominent founders of “Orthodoxy” – ID them!
Solovietchik and Hirsch
Solovietchik- lead Yshiva University and came up with Torah Umadda- torah and science
Hirsch- started modern orthodoxy, with Torah im Derech Eretz- torah with morals
Who was the founder of Chasidism- when and where? Why?
Baal Shem Tov in Ukraine in the 1700s. He thought Judaism had become too academic and tried to retrun to prayer,
Which subgroups in “Orthodoxy” Have a Chassidic notion?
Chabad and Agudath Israel
ID: Satmar, Chabad, Neturai Karta
Satmar- a haredi group that does not accept the state of Israel nor speak hebrew.
Chabad- a hassidic movement that tries to return secular Jews to the faith with mitzvah wagons.
Neturai Karta- like satmar, just different backgrounds
Textbook information
God is super.
All Torah is from Sinai- all must be followed.
Prayer is binding.
Jews are chosen by god annd we must keep orthodoxy
Israel (state) must be founded on Halachah.
Does not like other stream of Judaism
Little socail action ouside sect
No interfaith