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most common type of shoulder dislocation
which artery and nerve are at risk with an anterior shoulder dislocation?
how do patients hold their arm in anterior shoulder dislocation
external rotation
shoulder dislocation associated with seizure and electrocution
which artery can be injured in a posterior shoulder dislocation?
treatment for shoulder dislocation
reduction followed by sling and swath
most common type of hip dislocation
type of hip dislocation with dashboard injury
type of hip dislocation associated with sciatic injury and AVN
what nerve can anterior dislocation injure?
treatment for hip dislocation
closed reduction followed by abduction pillow/bracing; evaluate with CT after reduction
often results from a fall onto outstretched hand
colles' fracture (distal radius)
in whom is a colles' fracture often seen?
elderly and children
treatment for colles' fracture
closed reduction followed by application of long arm cast
most commonly fractured carpal bone
tenderness in anatomical snuff box
scaphoid (carpal navicular) fracture
fracture caused by forward trauma of a closed fist
fifth metacarpal neck
treatment for scaphoid fracture
thumb spica cast; if displacement or navicular nonunion is present, treat with open reduction
treatment for boxer's fracture
closed reduction and ulnar gutter splint
nerve palsy that can result from humerus fractue
radial; wrist drop and loss of thumb abduction
nightstick fracture
ulnar shaft fracture resulting from self-defense
tx for nightstick fracture
ORIF if significantly displaced
displaced femoral neck fractures are associated with what?
increased risk of AVN, nonunion, and DVTs
shortened and externally rotated leg
hip fracture
treatment for femoral fracture
intramedullary nailing of the femur; irrigate and debride open fractures
plantarflexion and positive thompson's test - pressure on gastroc ->absent foot plantar flexion
achilles tendon rupture
tx for achilles tendon rupture
surgical followed by long leg cast for 6 wks
pain and refusal to bend elbow
nursemaid's elbow - radial head subluxation that typically occurs as result of being pulled or lifted by hand
treatment for nursemaid's elbow
manual reduction by gentle supination of elbow at 90 degrees of flexion; no immobilization
avn of the femoral head of unknown etiology
legg-calve-perthes disease
findings in legg-calve-perthes
limited abduction and internal rotation; atrophy of affected leg