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talis, is, e
such, so great
exsanguis, is, e
bloodless; pale; lifeless
fleo, flere, flevi, fletus
to weep, cry; to weep for, lament
unda, ae, f
orbis, is, m
Ixion, Ixionis, m
Ixion (king of Lapiths, who was tied to a perpetually turning wheel in Hades as punishment for his attempt to seduce Juno)
carpsere =
carpo, carpere, carpsi, carptus
= carpserunt
to pluck, gather; to tear at; to travel, pursue (a path)
iecur, iecoris, n
the liver
volucris, volucris, f
a winged creature, bird
vacarunt =
vaco (1)
= vacaverunt
to be empty, unfilled; to be free from, take a rest from
Belis, Belidos, pl Belides, f
descendants of Belus, the Danaids
Sysyphus, i, m
Sisyphus (this king of Corinth had offended both Zeus and Pluto and was condemned in Hades to push a huge stone up a hill, only to have it roll back down again each time he neared; the apostrophe here enlivens the narrative)
Eumenis, Eumenidos, gen pl Eumenidum, f
one of the Eumenides or Furies (goddesses of vengeance, who were generally severe and implacable)
madesco, madescere, madui
to become wet
gena, ae, f
the side of the face, cheek; pl the area aroudn the eyes, the eyes
regius, a, um
sustineo, ere, sustenui, sustentus
to support, hold back
oro (1)
to beg, pray for
rego, regere, rexi, rectus
to rule
imus, a, um
deepest, last
recens, recentis
fresh, recent
incedo, incedere, incessi, incessus
to advance, step
at the same time; likewise
accipio, accipere, accepi, acceptus
to take, grasp, receive
heros, heroos, m
back down
while, as long as, until
Avernus, a, um
of the Underworld, infernal
lumen, luminis, n
light; an eye; vision, gaze, glance
valles, vallis, f
valley, or with hades, the abyss