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What are the origins of Grecian Drama?
*Religious rituals of the Dionysian cult
*Theatre in Athens dedicated to Dionysus
What is Aristotle's theory of tragedy?
It arouses pity, fear, wonder and awe in audience. They share the character's suffering and are awed by the power of fate.
What is catharsis?
It purges baser emotions so that better emotions emerge. (Audience experiences catharsis)
What are two traits of the archetypal Tragic Hero?
1. Man of noble stature (a king perhaps), symbol of good fortune, falls from high position
2. Hero is good but not perfect and has a tragic flaw, usu. hubris
What are two other traits of the archetypal Tragic Hero?
3. Hero's misfortune not wholly deserved; punishment exceeds the crime.
4. Hero's downfall is his own fault; his own choice, not an accident
What is the last trait of an archetypal Tragic Hero?
Fall is not pure loss--hero gains self-knowledge, discovery, change from ignorance-- does not curse his fate but accepts it.
What are the 7 Greek themes for plays?
1. A house divided against itslef cannot stand
2. Crime breeds crime.
3. Crime brings retribution.
4. Sinner must suffer.
5. Human suffering is inevitable.
6. Behind suffering is devine purpose.
7. From suffering comes wisdom.
What did the chorus do in Greek plays?
It provided commentary, backround info., forshadowing, warnings to the audience, and it pointed out the moral to the play.
What was a chorus?
A group of actors that sang, danced, or recited and interacted with the main characters.
All actors were _____ and wore _____.
All actors were MEN and wore MASKS. Masks were grotesque and protrayed very exaggerated human emotions.