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rectus abdominus insertion
costal cartilage of fifth to seventh ribs and xiphoid process of sternum
sartorius insertion
medial surface of tibia
sartorius origin
anterior superior iliac spine
vastus intermedius origin
anterior and lateral surfaces of femur
vastus lateralis origin
medial surface of linea aspera of femur
vastus medialis origin
greater trochanter and linea aspera of femur
rectus femoris origin
anterior superior iliac spine and lip of acetabulum
anconeus insertion
olecranon of ulna
anconeus origin
lateral epicondyle of humerus
triceps brachii insertion
olecranon of ulna
triceps brachii origin
tuberosity below glenoid cavity, lateral and medial surfaces of humerus
brachioradialis insertion
proximal to styloid process of radius
brachioradialis origin
lateral supracondylar ridge of humerus
brachialis insertion
coronoid process of ulna
brachialis origin
anterior body of humerus
biceps brachii insertion
radial tuberosity
biceps brachii origin
coracoid process and tuberosity above glenoid cavity of scapula
coracobrachialis insertion
body of humerus
coracobrachialis origin
coracoid process of scapula
subscapularis insertion
lesser tubercle of humerus
subscapularis origin
subscapular fossa
teres minor insertion
greater tubercle and groove of humerus
teres minor origin
axillary border of scapula
teres major insertion
crest of lesser tubercle of humerus
teres major origin
inferior angle and lateral border of scapula
infraspinatus insertion
greater tubercle of humerus
supraspinatus origin
supraspinous fossa of scapula
infraspinatous origin
infraspinous fossa of scapula
supraspinatus insertion
greater tubercle of humerus
rhomboideus major origin
2-5 thoracic vertebrae spines
rhomboideus minor insertion
medial border of scapula
rhomboideus minor origin
7th cervical, first thoracic vertebrae
rhomboideus major insertion
medial border of scapula
levator scapulae insertion
medial border of scapula
levator scapulae origin
1-4 cervical vertebrae
pectoralis minor insertion
coracoid process of scapula
pectoralis minor origin
sternal ends of 3,4,5 ribs
latissimus dorsi insertion
intertubercular groove of humerus
latissimus dorsi origin
spines of sacral, lumbar, and lower thoracic vertebrae, iliac crest and lower four ribs
pectoralis major insertion
crest of the greater tubercle of the humerus
pectoralis major origin
clavicle, sternum, costal cartilage of 2nd to 6th ribs, rectus sheath
deltoid insertion
deltoid tuberosity of humerus
deltoid origin
clavicle, acromion, and spine of scapula
serratus anterior insertion
anterior vertebral border of scapula
serratus anterior origin
upper 9 ribs
trapezius insertion
clavicle, spine of scapula, & acromion process
trapezius origin
occipital bone, spine of 7th cervical vertebrae, all thoracic vertebrae
tensor fasciae latae insertion
iliotibial tract
tensor fasciae latae origin
anterior border of ilium and iliac crest
gluteus minimus insertion
greater trochanter
gluteus minimus origin
lateral surface of lower half of ilium
gluteus medius insertion
greater trochanter
gluteus medius origin
lateral surface of ilium
gluteus maximus insertion
gluteal tuberosity and iliotibial tract
gluteus maximus origin
iliac crest, sacrum, coccyx, aponeurosis of lumbar region
psoas major origin
transverse process of lumbar vertebrae
iliacus insertion
lesser trochanter of femur, along with psoas major
iliacus origin
iliac fossa
tibialis posterior insertion
navicular, cuneiform, cuboid, and metatarsal bones 2-4
tibialis posterior origin
tibia and fibula and interosseus membrane
flexor digitorum longus insertion
distal phalanges of digits 2-5
flexor digitorum longus origin
posterior surface of tibia
flexor hallucis longus insertion
distal phalanx of great toe
flexor hallucis longus origin
posterior aspect of fibula
popliteus insertion
upper posterior aspect of tibia
popliteus origin
lateral condyle of femur
plantaris insertion
plantaris origin
lateral supracondylar ridge of femur
soleus insertion
soleus origin
posterior aspect of fibula and tibia
gastrocnemius insertion
posterior surface of calcaneus
gastrocnemius origin
lateral and medial epicondyle of femur
peroneus brevis insertion
metatarsal bone 5
peroneus brevis origin
lower aspect of fibula
peroneus longus insertion
first cuneiform and metatarsal bone I
peroneus longus origin
lateral head of tibai and head and body of fibula
peroneus tertius insertion
dorsal surface of fifth metatarsal bone
peroneus tertius origin
anterior surface of fibula and interosseus ligament
extensor hallucis longus insertion
distal phalanx of digit 1
extensor hallucis longus origin
anterior surface of fibula and interosseus ligament
extensor digitorum longus insertion
extensor expansions of digits 2-5
extensor digitorum longus origin
proximolateral surface of tibia and anterior surface of fibula
tibialis anterior insertion
first metatarsal bone and first cuneiform
tibialis anterior origin
proximolateral surface and body of tibia
psoas major insertion
lesser trochanter, with iliacus