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Upper Trapezius
O: Occipital bone & nuchal ligament
I: Outer third of clavicle & Acromion Process
N: Spinal Accessory, (Cranial nerve XI), C3 & C4 sensory compartment
A: 1 degree Scapular elevation & upward rotation
Middle Trapezius
O: Spinous process C7-T3
I: Scapular Spine
N: Spinal accessory (cranial nerve XI), C3 & C4 sensory component
A: Scapular retraction
Lower Trapezius
O: Spinous processes of middle & lower thoracic vertebrae
I: Base of scapular spine
N: Spinal accessory (Cranial nerve XI), C3 & C4 sensory component
A: 1 degree Scapular depression, upward rotation
Levator Scapula
O: Transverse processes C1-C4
I: Vertebral border of scapula between superior angle & spine
N: Third & fourth cervical nerves, dorsal scapular nerve (C5)
A: Scapular elevation & downward rotation
O: Spinous processes C7-T5
I: Vertebral border of scapula between spine & inferior angle
N: Dorsal scapular Nerve (C5)
A: Scapular retraction, elevation, & downward rotation