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orientation (n)
act of finding oneself in society
orthography (n)
correct spelling
ostensible (adj)
outstrip (v)
overweening (adj)
presumptuous; arrogant
ovoid (adj)
pachyderm (n)
thick-skinned animal
paean (n)
song of praise or joy
paleontology (n)
study of prehistoric life
palimpsest (n)
parchment used for a second time after original writing has been
pall (v)
grow tiresome
pallet (n)
small poor bed
palliate (v)
ease pain; make less severe or offensive
panegyric (n)
formal praise
paradigm (n)
model; example; pattern
parameter (n)
limit; independent variable
pariah (n)
social outcast
parity (n)
equality; close resemblance
parlance (n)
language; idiom
parley (n)
parochial (adj)
narrow in outlook; provincial; related to parishes
paroxysm (n)
fit or attack of pain
parry (v)
ward off a blow; deflect
pastiche (n)
imitation of another's style in music or writing
patent (adj)
open for the public to read
patois (n)
local or provincial dialect
patrician (adj)
noble; aristocratic
paucity (n)
peccadillo (n)
slight offense
pecuniary (adj)
pertaining to money
pedagogue (n)
pedestrian (adj)
ordinary; unimaginative
pejorative (adj)
negative in connotation
pell-mell (adv)
in confusion; disorderly
pellucid (adj)
transparent; limpid; easy to understand
penury (n)
severe poverty
peregrination (n)
peremptory (adj)
demanding and leaving no choice
perfunctory (adj)
superficial; not thorough; lacking interest
perigee (n)
point of moon's orbit when it is nearest the earth
peripatetic (adj)
walking about
pernicious (adj)
very destructive
peroration (N)
conclusion of an oration
perquisite (n)
any gain above stipulated salary
perspicacious (adj)
having insight; penetrating; astute
perspicuity (N)
clearness of expression; freedom from ambiguity
petulant (adj)
touchy; peevy
pharisaical (adj)
pertaining to the Pharisees who paid scrupulous attention to
tradition; self-righteous; hypocritical