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Floating + tight
Floating + moderate
wind-cold w/ underlying qi xi or wind-damp
floating + rapid
floating+ empty
yin xu
floating, large, + weak
outward floating of yang qi
deep + weak
deficiency (of qi or yang)
deep + full(forceful)
deep + rapid
interior heat
deep + moderate
deep + wiry
deep + slippery
phlegm or food stagnation
deep + tight/confined
interior cold stagnation
slow+ full
excess cold with stagnation
slow + weak
cold d/t yang xu
rapid + forceful
excess heat
rapid + weak
heat d/t yin xu
rapid + large, weak, and empty
outward floating of deficient yang
deficient, vacous, empty
qi deficiency
excess "replete" + rapid
excess heat
excess "replete" + slow
excess cold
surging, "flooding", "overflowing", "tidal"
extreme heat: fever, chronic disease characterized by extreme heat
thready, fine, thin, small
blood + qi xu
clinically: d/t yin xu
rolling, slippery
phlegm, damp, food retention, pregnancy
hesitant, choppy, rough
blood xu (leading to blood stasis)
string-taut, wiry, bowstring
liver disharmony, pain, phlegm, GB disease
tense, tight
cold, pain, food retention (esp d/t cold foods)
soft, soggy
qi xu d/t damp
yang xu (also qi and blood)
yang xu-->yang collapse
abrupt, hurried, hasty, skipping
Heat effecting heart; heart fire, heat+ heart qi xu, qi & blood stagnation of chest