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Problems with host settings
-discrepancies between agnecy mission or procedures and sw values and ethics
-role incongruity
- langauge
- devaluing of sw in settings where other disciplines work
examples of discrepancies between agnecy mission or procedures and sw values and ethics
-selter DV/ empowerment
-confinement/ learning & strength perspectives
role incongruity
- teach other disaplines aboutsw & the skills & knowledge we have
- who do you work for
- what roles, skills, & knowledge do you use?
investigator, nurse, rec. therapist?
- must learn a whole new set of language & setting info.
legal system, education system, hospital system
devaluing of sw in settings where other disiplines work
- hopsital/nurses
- hopefully title protection will help in this area
Problems with host settings
- collaboration is critical
- power, status, and values are reoccurant themes
Fundraising & sources
individual donors
benefit variations
direct solicitation
group giving
cold calls
door to door
letter writing campaigns
individual donors
people who give money for a variety of reasons
activites and events held to raise money for a cause
benefit variations
join in w/business to beenfit in their profit
direct solicitation
asking directly for money
group giving
service organizations within community
cold calls
phone solicitation
door to door
letter writing campaigns
identify key people in community to send letters to potential donors
Grants and contracts
1. Finding out about grants: where are they?
2. RFP
3. Government grants
4. foundation grants
5. business and corporation grants
finding out about grants
federal register, catalog of domestic assistance state contract register
request for proposal
governemnt grants
local, state, feeral
foundation grants
run by board of directors who decide who gets funding
business and corporation grants
large businesses that establish charitable arm or division
how to apply for a grants
application phas, post application phase
application phas
pre-bid seminar
discuss with board of directors
post application phase
review of proposal
plan for ending of grant
writing a grant proposal
-cover page
-table of ocntents
-abstract summary
-narrative sections
-budget section
-credentials of staff
-certification of compliance
-cost sharing, matching funds
-agnecy or instituional endorsements
narrative section
statemnt of problem
goals and objectives
supervision within agencies
professional and ethical standars recognize and usuport the role of supervision in promoting good practice
supervisors receive their authority from
organizations is how supervisors receive their
superivsor are the link between
superivsors are the link between the practitoners and the agency
superivsors are qualified for their position by virtue of
specific set of skills that include the ability to motivate employees & monitor & improve their porcesses
within the agency context, 3 major supervisory functions can be identified
purpose of supervision
enhance the effective, efficient, and accountable delivery of services to the agencys client
continuing education has been shown to reduce
job stress and burnout
supervision has been shown to increase
job satisfaction
evaluting worker performance is predicated on a
clear and detailed job description
evaluations are used to
assess progress
provide feedback
identify areas in need of improvement
recognize achievements
evaluation process may help to identify issues
within the agency that affet worker performance