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What is internal branding?
The process of communicating brand values to an organization's employees and then motivating them to deliver brand values to its customers.
How does IMC relate to internal branding?
- IMC includes every message the customer receives,
not just those we plan or want to send
- Both IMC and internal branding are methods for
"protecting the brand promise" by ensuring consistent messages
What is the formula for intellectual capital?
Intellectual Capital = Competence x Commitment
How can an organization increase its competence?
Competency can be increased through the 5 Bs:
- Buy: new hires
- Build: training
- Borrow: use consultants
- Bounce: replace incompetent employees
- Bind: retention
The 5 Bs
What is commitment?
A measure of retention; employees' willingness to stay, however getting to stay does not mean they are happy.
How can a company foster commitment?
1. Reduce demands
2. Increase resources
3. Turn demands into resources (use exit interviews, assimilation programs, include employees in decisions)
Why should a CEO who belives in being "customer centric" focus on becoming "employee centric"?
Because a "customer centric" organization must rely on its employees to deliver the brand promise to the customers.