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Chain isomerism
Chain isomers differ only in strucure of C skeleton. Same chemical properties, different physical properties
Positional isomerism
Same functional group at different position on same C skeleton. Properties: similar chemical; different physical
Functional group isomerism
Different functional groups. Different chemical and physical properties
Cis-Trans and optical isomerism
Cis-trans isomerism
Restricted rotation in C=C.
2 different substituents are attached to each C. Same chemical but different physical properties
Priority for cis-trans
Atom directly attached to C=C
Rank according to atomic no
Higher atomic no=high prio
Cis-trans isomers
Cis (Z) on same side
Trans (E) on different side
Why do cyclic cpds exhibit Cis-trans isomerism?
Atoms joined in a ring are not free to rotate around the sigma bonds of the ring.
Optical isomerism
Exists for chiral molecules
Objects that can't be superimposed on their mirror image
Pair of non-superimposable mirror images
What is a chiral carbon?
A sp3 hybridized carbon atom which has 4 different atoms/groups attached to it