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As size of alkane gets bigger, what happens to the boiling point?
Boiling point increases as size of molecule gets bigger.
How does branching affect boiling point?
Brancing lowers the boiling point. This is because there is less contact between molecules if they are branched, making them "weaker".
In a homologous series, what happens to boiling point as weight increases? Why?
Boiling point increases with increasing weight in homologous series. This is because of increase van der Waals forces.
As dipole-dipole interactions increase, what happens to boiling point?
Increases boiling point.
List molecules in order of decreasing boiling point...
alcohols, alkanes, amines, esters.
OH > N > Esters > Alkanes
Explain why alcohols have higher b.p. than amines?
Alcohols have stronger H bond.
List in order of decreasing b.p...
primary, secondary, tertiary amines. Why?
1o > 2o > 3o because primary have more H-bonds.
Which is more important in establishing b.p... number of hydrogen bonds or EN of atom?
Number of Hydrogen bonds.
Explain the trend in alkyl halide b.p.
As halide gets bigger (in homologous series), b.p. increases because halogen atom bigger and increase in polarizability.
In comparable series, which has higher b.p. alcohol or halide?
alcohol due to EN.
Describe trend in melting point with increasing MW.
mp increases with increasing MW
How does branching affect mp? What is exception to trend?
Branching decreases m.p. because it interferes with regular packing crystals. Symmetrical branching increases melting point.
Describe cut off number of carbons when it comes to solubility in water for OH, Ethers, Amines.
OH, O 4 or less soluble in water.
Amines, 8 or less soluble in water because of basicity.