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What are forces that act between charged paticles?
Electrostatic Forces
Ionic Bonding consists of ?
electrostatic attractions between ions of opposite charge
Charges must be ____ when writing equations?
Connectivity in a molecule is determined by ?
looking at the structure and describing which atom is bonded to which others
Saturated Hydrocarbons?
Only H and C; CnH2n+2
Compounds with same molecular formula but different structural formulas
Halogens mostly bond only once to other atoms; therefore, they occupy the same slot as a ____ atom does in structual formula?
H atom
A compound containing N has to contain one more ____ atom than a compound containing only C or C with O atoms
H atom
How do you calculate formal charge?
Number of valence electrons - number nonbonding electrons- 1/2 bonding electrons
Non formula calc of formal charge?
an atom or molecule has more or fewer electrons in its valence shell then are necessary to balance its nuclear charge
What symbol do you use to show resonance structures?
a double headed arrow
What is a separation of charge is what? What has to happen for it to be acheived?
one atom + charged while one - charged; expenditure of energy
Constitutional Isomer
differ in order and the way in which the atoms are bonded together in their molecules
have the same connectivities, but differ only in the arrangement of atoms in space
When do you have a polar covalent bond?
covalent bond with unequal sharing of electrons
Bond dipole
arrow with head pointing toward more EN atom
The overall polarity of a molecule is measured by its ?
dipole moment, u (Greek mu)
alkyl group
an alkane - one of its H atoms
In an addition reaction the product contains ___ elements of the two reacting species
all the
proton (H) donor
Lewis Acid
electron pair acceptor
At equilibrium, the ____ acid and the ____ base are the major species found in the reaction mixture
Strong Acids have ___ Conjugate Bases (and visa versa)