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Molecules with the same molecular formula but different chemical structures (Ex: Butane vs. Isobutane)
Names of straight chain alkanes in order of number of carbons from 1-12
1-Methane, 2-Ethane, 3-Propane, 4-Butane, 5-Pentane, 6-Hexane, 7-Heptane, 8-Octane, 9-Nonane, 10-Decane, 11-Undecane, 12-Dodecane
A fragment that comes off of the parent group.
3 carbon group that looks like a snake tongue (Pg. 117)
Tert-Butyl (T-Butyl)
4 carbon group that looks like a trident (Pg. 117)
4 Carbon straight chain with substituent group coming off second carbon (Pg. 117)
Conformational energy minimum of a Newman Projection. I.E. Butane conformation with the CH3 groups farthest away from each other. Lowest energy conformation. PG 129
Similar to an anti-conformer but higher in energy. I.E. Butane conformation with CH3 groups close to each other. Higher in energy than the Anti-Conformer. PG 129
Eclipsed conformation
Alignment of Newman projection where front/back groups line up on top of each other. Big groups not necessarily lined up on top of each other. NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH TOTALLY ECLIPSED.