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Who was the chairman of the National Association of the Deaf Motion Picture Committee?
Roy J. Stewart
What did Roy J. Stewart fear? Why?
Sign Language would be lost forever. Because of Oralism.
What did the National Association of the Deaf Motion Picture Committee due in 1914?
Made videos of themes and topics of sign language and preserved them incase oralism ever took over completely.
What were the Deaf Nurses of Mercy Hospital famous for?
They would train you on the job.
what made the Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Mo different from the rest in 1897?
It was opened by 2 women doctors. They would not be given jobs because they were women, so they opened their own hospital.
Who was May Paxton?
She was graduate of Missouri School for the Deaf and wanted to becaome a nurse.
Who gave May Paxton the opportunity to work as a nurse and trained her on the job?
Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, Mo.
Were was te propeller located on the Gallaudet Airplane that Edson F. Gallaudet built?
In the middle of the plane.
Was Edson F. Gallaudet hearing or deaf?
What plane was the Gallaudet modeled after?
The Wright Brothers.
Who was John D. Rockefeller?
Very wealthy, hearing man with no signing ability. Attended a Baptist church service by deaf preacher in 1913 N.A.D. convention in Cleveland.
What did John D. Rockefeller Do?
Nothing really. He invited the members to visist his home in Forest Hill. The members asked him to donate and he said no.
Who was Patricia Bridget Hughes?
One of the first deaf women to become a nun in the U.S. Sister Patricia Bridget Hughes
What did Sister Patricia try to do?
There was no deaf school in Philadelphia at the time when she work with deaf catholic children. She asked for funding, the archbishop said no funding - she kept trying - she passed away young - he finally found funding and named the school after himself. The Archbishop Ryan Memorial Institute for the Deaf.
What plane was the Gallaudet modeled after?
The Wright Brothers.