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Why did people stop using the Oregon Trail?
The travelers stopped using the Oregon Trail in 1869 with the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad.
How long did it take to travel the first 200 miles?
It took 7-8 days.
How many miles was the trail?
The trail was 2,000 miles.
Where did the Oregon Trail begin?
St. Louis, Missouri
How much did the travelers travel each day?
The travelers walked about 15 miles each day.
What is a "jump off?"
A "jump off" is a city or town in which the travelers left the steamship they were traveling on to continue west by foot.
What size were the farming wagons?
The farming wagons were 4 feet by 10 feet.
How did the journey begin?
Travelers first sailed upstream 200 miles.
How did travelers transport their belongings?
Most travelers had a farming wagon to carry their belongings.
Where was the most popular "jump-off?"
Independence, Missouri
When did the travelers typically begin their journey by foot?
Travelers usually began in April or May.
What were some hardships the travelers faced?
The travelers faced illness, bad weather, and accidents.