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What is military Leadership?
The ability to influence others in such a manner to accomplishj a mission in a timeley manner.
What are four indicators of good leadership?
Morale, Discipline,espirit d corps and profeciency
What are the human needs.
Four: Spiritual, Sociol, Physical, and security.
What are the five styles of leadership.
Directing, participating, delegating,transformational, and transactional.
what is DA 4856 E called
The Development Counseling form.
What is the muzzle velocity of a M16
3250 fps
what is the maximum range of an m16
3600 meters
what is the maximum effective range of an m16
point: 550. area: 800
What does JAG stand for.
Judge Advocate General
What are three types of court martials.
Summery, special and general
What are the five types of discharges?
Honorable, general, other than honorable, bad conduct and dishonorable
what form is used to record summerized article 15 proceedings
DA form 2627-1
What does SOFA stand for
Status of forces agreement
where des forfieted pay go
the old solders home
When was the UCMJ established