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What type of fuel does a MK-46 use?
What does OTTO 2 fuel look and smell like?
Orange in color, rotten egg smell
What are the danger areas of a MK-46/50
Sharp edges of prop, leaking fuel and suspension bands
What fuel does a MK-50 use?
Sulfer Hexafluoride
What are the characterics of Sulfer Hexafluride?
Clear gel apperance
Why is Sulfer Hexafluride dangerous?
Could cause explosive reaction if it drips on deck
What is an Ex Torp?
Running, non-explosive torp with foward ballast weights
What is a Rex Torp?
Recoverable, inert non-running torp, no ballast weights
What is IFROBRL?
In Flight Operable Bomb Rack Lock
What AGM-114's are authorized for shipboard use?
What are the danger areas of an AGM-114?
Sharp fins, foward and rear of missile
Which AGM-114 has a yellow band?
High explosive warhead-live warshot
Which AGM-114 has a purple band?
Which AGM-114 has a Gold band?
Which AGM-114 has a Blue band?
Which AGM-114 has a Brown band?
High explosive motor
Which CAD is in the fire bottle's? How many
CCU-90, 2 each
Which CAD is going to be in the fire bottles?
Which CAD is in the cargo hook?
Which CAD is in the Bomb racks? How many?
MK-17 and M-55, 2 total each bomb rack
What is the Mk-17 used for in the bomb rack?
Secondary-open hooks
What is the M-55 CAD used for?
Primary-Drives IFROBRL to unlocked
What is the SQUIB used in chaff and flares?
List 4 places you can find which CADS are on the aircraft?
2.Logs and records
4.CAD pad
Which pub and chapter discuss AGM-114?
NA 11-140-6.2 ch.14
What pub is the CAD pad?
NA 11-100-1.1
What pub is used for pyrotechnics?
NA 11-15-7
What pub can you find HERO conditions?
NA 16-1-529
What pub contains release and control checks?
LWS 200-R
What pub do you load ordnance IAW?
What is a NARR?
Naval ammunition reclasification report
What is a CODR?
Conventional ordnance discepancy report
What is a EMR?
Exposive mishap report
What is a NALC?
Naval ammunition logistics cods
(ESD 94 C 009-003) Explain each group of letters/numbers?
003-sequential suffix
What is HERO?
Hazard of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance
What are the 3 HERO conditions?
Safe, Unsafe, suscepible
What is weapon condition 1?
Round chamberd, safety on, magazine inserted, bolt in firing position
What is weapon condition 2?
Condition 2 does not apply to our weapons
What is weapon condition 3?
chamber clear, magazine inserted, safety on
what is condition 4?
Chamber clear, saftey on, no magazine
What is a pyrotechnics code A?
What is a pyrotechnics code C?
What is a pyrotechnics code H?
What should you do to H coded pyrotechnics?
Needs hazardous tag and place in ammo can with red tag on outside
What is a Mk-79
Signal projector kit
What is a Mk-80
(7) pencil flares
What is a Mk-31
Pencil flare launcher
What is the burn time or a Mk-80?
4.5 seconds
Whats the altitude of the Mk-80?
When can you not use the Mk-58 or Mk-25?
When phosphorous warning label is missing
What is the burn time of the Mk-58?
40-60 minutes
What is the burn time of the Mk-25?
13.5-18.5 minutes
How high can the second candle shoot?
What does SUS stand for?
Signal underwater sound
What is the life of a Mk-84 SUS?
45-120 seconds