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What bones make up lateral wall of orbit? (2)
1. Zygomatic
2. Greater wing of sphenoid
What bones make up superior wall of orbit? (2)
1. Frontal
2. Lesser wing of sphenoid
What bones make up the medial wall of orbit? (4)
1. Ethmoid
2. Lacrimal
3. Sphenoid
4. Maxilla
What bones make up the inferior wall of orbit? (3)
1. Maxilla
2. Zygomatic
3. Palatine
What structures are present in optic canal? (2)
1. Optic nerve
2. Ophthalmic artery
What structures run through superior orbital fissure? (7)
1. Lacrimal V-1
2. Frontal V-1
3. Nasocilliary V-1
4. Oculomotor
5. Trochlear
6. Aducens
7. Superior & inferior opthalmic veins
What structures run through inferior orbital fissure? (3)
1. Infraorbital nerve V-2 & vessels
2. Zygomatic nerve
3. Brach of inferior ophthalmic vein
What structures run through supraorbital foramen/notch? (2)
1. Supraorbital nerve & vessels
2. Supratrochlear nerve & vessels
What structures run through zygomatic foramen? (1)
Zygomatic nerve
What structure runs through nasolacrimal canal?
Nasolacrimal duct