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They came
Ellos vinieron
I brought
Yo traje
You (fam) were tall
Tu fuiste alto
I said
Yo dije
I walked
Yo anduve
You (fam) arrived
Tu llegaste
We gave
Nosotros dimos
He did
El hizo
She put
Ella puso
You all (plur) had
Uds. tuvieron
They saw
Ellos vieron
We were in Utah
Nosotros estuvimos en Utah
He read
El leyo
They went
Ellos fueron
We played
Nosotros tocamos
We knew
Nosotros supimod
I began
Yo empece
We wanted
Nosotros quisimos
They brought
Ellos trajeron
You (fam) told
Tu dijiste
They gave
Ellos dieron
I saw
Yo vi
We were students
Nostros fuimos alumnos
She went
Ella fue
I was in Mexico
Yo estuve en Mexico
We walked
Nostros aduvimos
I had
Yo tuve
We arrived
Nosotros llegamos
You (fam) played
Tu tocaste
They put
Ellos pusieron
I was able
Yo pude
I knew it
Yo lo supe
He began
El empezo
They read
Ellos leyeron
I wanted
Yo quise
You (fam) did
Tu hiciste
He came
El vino
We coudl work
Nostros pudimos trabajar