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a minor apthae
Recurrent apthous ulcers (RAU)can sometimes be caused by citric acid, peanuts, milk and beer. Stress seems to make this condition worse.
True recurrent apthous ulcers only occur where?
moveable portion of the mucosa.
Bechet's syndrome
a multisystem disease usually presenting with ocular, oral and genital lesions. MOst likely seen in females
Reiter's Disease
a multisystem disease most commonly found in males. same clinical manifestations a BEchets only arthiritis is included and genital lesions include inflammation of the penis (balanitis).
Treatment is the use of anti-inflammatory drugs
Oral manifestations of Major apthae
large cratered ulcerations of mucosal surfaces with piled up erythamatous margins of long duration; ulcers heal in weeks to months, usually without scarring
males most likely to get this disease
Lupus erythematosus
more common in females. about 50 times moe likely to get this than males. Genetic disorder that is very difficult to diagnose, autoimmune.
oral manifestaions of lupus
lesions present as erythmatous plaques or erosion (thinning out not a break)affecting the bucal mucosa, gingiva, palate, and vermillion zone; ulcerations are seen frequently
increased sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation
erosive (bullous) lichen planus
a skin disease affecting the basal layer of the epithelium suspected to be autoimmune
erosive and bullous
least common; exhibits erythemous erosions ans ulcerations most common on the posterior buccal mucosa and attached gingiva
bullous lichen planus
a variant of erosive in which vesicles or bullae precede ulcerations
wickham's strae
may be visible at periphery of lesion; may or may not accompany skin lesions
recurrent apthous ulcers
painful lesions are evident that are usually less than 5mm in dimension; have a shallow yello fibrinous center with a erythematous nonelevated margin
Treatment for RAU
palliative, multiple and frequent recurrence may respond to supervised steroid therapy; topical tetracycline reduces the likelihood of a secondary bacterial infection; recurrence is likely
treatment for BEchet's syndrome?
supervised steroid therapy, but may undergo spontaneous remission
Periadenitis Mucosa Necrotica Recurrans (PMNR)
Major apthae or Sutton's disease; considered to be an immune dysfunction
Erythema multiforme
a disease affecting the skin and mucous membranes.suspected to be caused by an immune dysfunction
Steven-johnson's syndrome
a multisystem disease of erythema multiforme usually involves ocular, oral and genital regions. (you must have all three of these symptoms to have this disease)
treatment for Steven-Johnson's
supervised steroid therapy with possible recurrence
considered a connective tissue disease(autoimmune stimulant= nuclie)
recurrent apthous ulcers
lesions are usually single, but may occur in crops; adjacent lesions may coalesce to form larger areas of ulceration; usually heal in 7-10 days without scarring; multiple and multisystem lesions may be suggestive of BECHET's syndrome
shallow necrotic center with red margin
clinical manifestaions of BEchet's syndrome?
*oral lesion- resemble RAU and tend to occur in multiple crops
*ocular lesions- include uveitis and/or conjunctivitis
*genital lesions-also exhibit painful lesions
Major apthae treatment:
supervised steroid therapy
erythema multifrome
lesions may exhibit multiple RAU-type or larger ulcerations; vescicles may occur early or exist at the margins of the ulcers
erythema multiforme
a classic skin lesion presents as multiple concentric cirlce of erythema and normal skin color.
Treatment is supervised steroid therapy with possible recurrence
oral and genital lesions usually exhibit erythema multiform; ocular lesions consist of conjunctivitis or uveitis
name the two types of lupus
chronic: affects the skin and mucous membranes (butterfly rash)
systemic: a multisystem disease that is occasionally fatal affects all internal organs
you can have both types of these
clinical manifestations of lupus
antibodies are formed against the cell nucleus or other cytoplasmic antigens, patients often complain of malaise, weakness and an occasional low-grade fever
what are the forms of erosive lichen planus
erosive and bullous, bullous lichen planus and wickham's striae
treatment for erosive lichen planus
steroid therapy, may undergo spontaneous remission with possible recurrence
Pempigus (pemphigus vulgaris, pemphigus vegetans)
a skin disease in which there is shedding of the skin. It attacks the desmosomes(they hold the epithelial together)
autoimmune; histologically an intraepithelial separation (above the basil layer) with Tzanck cells (free floating epithelial cells only seen in this disease)resembles a fried egg with a yolk in the middle
oral manifestations of pemphigus
lesions present as apthae-like ulcerations or large irregular ulcerations with erythamous margins; vescicles or bullae may precede ulcerations. intraepithelial split
clinical manifestations of pemphigus
*antibodies are directed against desmosomes resulting in acantholysis(loss of cell to cell adhesion)
*individuals may exhibit a positive nikolsky sign (sloughing of epithelium after minor trauma)
*may have an ethnic or genetic predisposition; treatment- use of steroids
pemphigoid {benign mucous membrane pemphigid, cicaticial-(scar forming) pemphigoid}
an autoimmune disease which effects the basil layer membrane area, antibodies are directed against hemidesmosomes resulting in subepithelial separation. Only affects mucosa
oral manifestations of pemphigoid
lesion exhibit painful ulcerations with erythematous margins on any mucosal surface
* desquative gingivitis- a clinical description of possible pemphigoid, positive nikolsky sign is frequently notes
clinical manifestations of pemphigoid
bullous pemphigoid is considered a variant of cicatricial pempigoid, but autoimmune findings are not consistent.
Treatment use of steroids, may undergo periods of remission and exacerbation