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What's the most common bacteria to cause IE (Infective endocarditis)?
Streptococcus viridans
What is the usually transient presence of bacteria in the blood?
diesase caused by microbial infection of the heart valves or endocardium, in proximity to congenital or acquired defects
Infective endocarditis
How are the symptoms of IE?
Flu-like: weakness, weight loss, fatigue, fever, chills, etc
Class of IE that's slower onset, caused by S. viridans
SBE, subacute bacterial endocarditis
Class of IE that's normal onset and can also be caused (in addition to bacteria) by fungi (Candida albicans) and ghonorrhea
BE, bacterial endocarditis (This question doesn't make much sense I know but it's there)
Class of IE that's sudden onset, fatal in less than 6 weeks and caused by Staphylococcus aureus, and involves NORMAL valves
Acute bacterial endocarditis
micrfobial infecction of the endothelium of arteries
IEA infective endarteritis
infection of prosthetic hart valves
PVE Pros valve endo...
Our antibiotic prophylaxis is designed against:
alpha hemolytic streptococcus
current regimen: what is the most common drug and how much
amoxicillin 2g 1h prior to treatment
For high risk patients, what is the second dose?
1/2 the first dose 6 hours later
best substitute used for penicillin allergy
clindamycin 600mg 1 hr prior to procedure
what's the problem with cephalexin?
25% of those allergic to penicillin will also be allergic to cephalexin
what's the drawback of azithromycin and clarithromycin? How much is their dosage?
It's expensive. Given in 500mg 1 hr prior to procedure
Is AP recommend for: Acquired valvular dysfunction (Fen-phen, RHD, drug use, etc.)
is AP recommended for: MVP (mitral valve prolapse)
is AP recommended for: hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
is AP recommended for: pervious coronary artery bypass graft surgery(CABG)
is AP recommended for: cardiac pacemakers?
is AP recommend for: implanted defribrillators
is AP recommend for: Arteriovenous shunt (for patients undergoing hemodialysis)
is AP recommend for: ventriculoatrial shunt (for patients w/hydrocephaly)
is AP recommend for: marfan syndrome (the caved in chest)
yes because of heart lesions
is AP recommend for: Down's Syndrome
is AP recommend for: Fen-phen, pondimin, redux
If unable to take oral meds, what's the IV drug and dosage?
apmicillin, 2g IM or IV
If allergic to penicillin and unable to take oral meds, how much cefazolin is given IV